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Turtle BeachAugust 10, 2021

Valorant 3.03 Patch Notes: Release Date, Agent Changes, New Skins And Everything You Need To Know


After three weeks, a new patch is dropping in Valorant today.

The last few patches in Valorant's Episode 3 have been rather small, in fact 3.02 was almost forgettable.

Update 3.03 should hopefully rectify that and get players excited about the future of Valorant.

With the PBE in full swing, Riot can really start to test changes with the public to get the best updates possible.

Here's what we know about the new update in Valorant.

Release Date And Time

Patch 3.03 will release on the 10th August 2021, according to the official Twitter.

Usually, the patch drops at the following times:

  • 9AM PT
  • 12PM ET
  • 4PM GMT
  • 5PM BST
  • 9.30PM IST
  • 1AM JST
Patch Notes

According to the most recent PBE notes, shared on the ValorantPBE subreddit, here's what we're expecting.

Game System Updates

Crosshair Settings

  • Turn on "Use Advanced Options" to additionally customize your ADS crosshair and sniper scope center dot!
  • Added the ability to save and switch between multiple crosshair profiles
    • We hear y'all on wanting the ability to share your crosshair settings, and we agree! We don't have an exact time frame on when that will be coming, but it is definitely on our radar.
  • Added a setting to set a minimum firing error across all weapons
  • Added a setting to use the primary crosshair with shotguns


  • Viper: Fixed a bug where Viper’s Pit started forming at the cursor placement point instead of around Viper

  • Fixed a big where Killjoy’s turret was not affected by concuss

  • Fixed Astra’s Gravity Well from pulling people while they were attached to ascenders

  • Fixed a bug where Astra could activate Dissipate while attached to ascenders

  • Fixed Boombot, Owl Drone, and Fakeout from destroying Sage’s Barrier Orb if placed in a way that overlapped a segment of the barrier wall.


    • You can now shoot through Radianite crates, with appropriate weapons, from all angles. Previously, you could shoot through some crates from limited directions, but not others.

    • Updated ziplines to allow the 'Use' key so you can detach at any point

Competitive Updates

Autobalance button added for custom games with > 6 players based on players' MMR

Social Updates

Added a system that enables us to automatically revert any AFK penalties applied to you in the event of unexpected server instability

Network Updates

  • Improved the accuracy and responsiveness for the ping calculation
  • Ping stats now show both the average and the max ping values to help you better understand your networking conditions
    • The average value is calculated from multiple samples collected over a small interval of time—the max value is the largest value within that sample.

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