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Turtle BeachAugust 15, 2022

Valorant 'Daedalus' Bundle Leaked By Riot


Valorant has been making waves within the gaming world since it was released back in 2020, and with the esports scene soaring thanks to VCT; more players are jumping in every day.

However, one of the main lures to the game has been skins and the wide array of selection players have to choose from, as Riot keeps releasing amazing bundles.

Now, Riot themselves have accidently leaked their next bundle, titled Daedalus, and here's what we know!

Valorant Daedalus Bundle Leaked By Riot

This seems like a rare miss-step from Riot has in a now deleted tweet, they revealed the next skin bundle is going to be called Daedalus.

As well, we already have some sort of idea of what the skins are going to look like, as they're going to get some inspiration from the unreleased bundle titled 'Asgard.'

For those who do not know, these skins were suppose to be released during the Valorant beta, but never did make it into the game.

For those who didn't see it, here's what the tweet said.

“The ‘horrendously ugly’ Drips skin from Valorant Beta was originally a high concept god-like piece of weaponry internally known as Asgard. Daedalus is the team’s chance to give that skin the redemption arc it deserves,”

Furthermore, xtr_cs tweeted back in April of three unreleased Vandal skins, and Daedalus was included within these.

However, keep in mind that at this point in time the skin looks rather unfinished, so be mindful of this!

Turtle Beach
Turtle Beach

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