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Turtle BeachSeptember 28, 2021

Splitgate Update 1.07 Patch Notes

Fright or Flight!

The high intensity FPS Splitgate has been soaring since it released its "first" season, and they're going to be rolling out a new patch for players soon.

Here's what's new in the latest update.

Release Date

The latest patch for Splitgate is going to arrive on Tuesday, September 28th, 2021.

Patch notes - UI changes, Nvidia Reflex and more

The official Splitgate Twitter account has detailed some of the changes that'll be coming with the release of the latest patch, and fans are amped for these changes.

They're going to be added some much needed quality of life fixes for the game, along with some new mechanics that'll make the game more fluid all around the map.

Here's all the changes we know coming to Splitgate as of now.

  • More UI customization options
  • Console players can now redeem codes in-game
  • Nvidia Reflex
    • An option for PC players that boosts their FPS/Quality of the game
  • Karman Station optimization
  • Mantling
  • Multiple ranked modes will be added
  • Bug Fixes
  • Toggle Third Person option
  • New gamemodes
    • Speed Bats
    • Big Head Sniper King of the Hill
    • Big Head Sniper Domination
  • Two new Splitgate Bundles
    • Creator Pack (2 different packs)
    • eSports pack (8 different packs)
  • Recruiter Title ins now "Beta Recruiter" Title

While we're sure this list will be expanded upon when the patch fully releases, this is all we have to go off of as of now.

We'll be sure to update this page as more news follows in the coming days.


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