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Turtle BeachOctober 26, 2021

Rocket League V2.07 Patch Notes

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Patches are a common feature within gaming now a days, and Rocket League has done an incredible job at consistently updating the game as the year's have progressed.

Now, we've got a brand new patch we're going to run over all the details with.

Rocket League V2.07 Patch Notes

Every Rocket League patch usually aims to address some issues that've been flagged within the community or development team.

So, this time around we have got some upcoming changes and a new feature coming in Competitive matches.

Here's all the patch notes listed down below.

PsyNet Upgrades

  • Update v2.07 is focused on upgrading how in-game items and transactions are stored in PsyNet. Nothing seen in the game client will change, but a client update is needed for the backend upgrades to take effect
    Play Again Button (Competitive)

A ‘Play Again’ button has been added to the post-match screen

  • Pressing the Play Again button will automatically start a search in your selected Competitive Playlists
  • If you previously searched for matches in multiple Competitive Playlists, Play Again will search in those same Playlists
  • The Play Again button is only visible after Competitive Playlist matches (will not be visible after Casual matches)

For a complete list of Known Issues in Rocket League, please visit our Known Issues blog

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