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Turtle BeachNovember 17, 2021

New World Update 1.0.6 Patch Notes: Release Date, Time, Prime Gaming Bonuses, Downtime, Size And Everything You Need To Know

A New World!

New World's hot release in October is starting to lose some momentum as players explore other games, but that's not stoping Amazon Games from updating the MMO RPG on a weekly basis.

Update 1.0.6 appears to have been cancelled in favour of the 1.1 update "Into the Void".

The most recent update swatted a number of bugs and was a big Halloween focused update.

Here's what's new in update 1.0.6 for New World!

Release Date

This week was expected to release this past Thursday, but has yet to relase. Perhaps the next update is delayed or weekly updates are no longer going to be the norm.

Once we have more clarity we'll update you here.

Downtime And Size

Downtime takes place from 2PM GMT/3PM CET/7AM PT/8AM CT/9AM ET.

The update size is never more than a few GBs.

1.0.6 Patch Notes

Instead of patch 1.0.6, New World are moving to update 1.1 instead.

We can expect a new gold duplication glitch to be patched very soon as it once again runs rampant in New World.

On the 17th November, downtime was held that saw the re-enabilisation of Wealth Transfers (with the exception of housing decoration items) and "Immobilised" players will now respawn properly.

In the meantime, New World has detailed a number of updates coming to the game that you can see below.

Dev Update

New World has issued a Dev blog update that details all of the changes they're looking to combat in future updates including:

  • Server Transfers
  • Region Transfers
  • Server Merges
  • War Declaration Issues
  • Luck
  • Incentivizing Players to Join a Less Dominant Faction
  • Our Stance on Exploits
  • Quest and Quest Design
  • Representation and Character Customization/Design
  • Minimap
  • Company Concerns
  • Combat Responsiveness
  • Weapon Balance Changes
  • Weapon and Armor Perks
  • Public Test Realm
  • Void Gauntlet
  • Crafting and Gathering

You can read the full details here.

Public Test Realm

The Public Test Realm acts as a staging area for new potential updates to be tested before going live to the public. It's a good idea to have this feature implemented as it will prevent unfinished, buggy or unwanted updates crawling into the main servers.

You can read all of the details on this here.

Prime Gaming Rewards

The most recent Prime Gaming rewards are Robin Hood inspired.

  • Robin Hood Pack #1
    • Robin Hood Skin
    • Blow Kiss Emote
    • Prime Blue (x5) Dye Pack
    • Robin Hood Crest Packs
  • Robin Hood Pack #2
    • Robin Hood Bow
    • Finger Wag Emote
    • Amazon Orange (5x) Dye Pack)

The next pack available will be the Autumn King Pack #1 on the 23rd November.

October Store Update

The Store has been updated to coincide with Halloween and will support the below items until the 15th November.

To thank players for their commitment to the game, all players will be granted a happy Jack-o-lantern housing decoration (for free) from the in-game store.

Check out the new items available in the store:

  • Armor Skins
    • BLOODTHIRSTY COUNT - 14,000 Marks of Fortune
    • SHROUD OF THE PHARAOH - 14,000 Marks of Fortune
    • SKELETAL CHEVALIER - 16,000 Marks of Fortune
  • Weapon Skins
    • SKELETAL RAPIER - RAPIER WEAPON SKIN - 8,500 Marks of Fortune

    • CRIMSON BLOODLOCK - MUSKET WEAPON SKIN - 8,500 Marks of Fortune
    • BLACK WIDOW STAFF - LIFE STAFF WEAPON SKIN - 8,500 Marks of Fortune
    • PHARAOH'S CURSE - GREAT AXE WEAPON SKIN - 8,500 Marks of Fortune
  • Masks
    • ELEMENTAL MASK - 7,000 Marks of Fortune
    • DEMON MASK - 7,000 Marks of Fortune
    • ELUSIVE ONE MASK - 7,000 Marks of Fortune
    • PLAGUE DOCTOR MASK - 7,000 Marks of Fortune
  • Housing Items
    • HAUNTED HOUSING DECOR BUNDLE - 25,000 Marks of Fortune
  • Emotes
    • COURTEOUS APPLAUSE - 4,000 Marks of Fortune
    • COIN TOSS - 5,000 Marks of Fortune

  • Consumable Dye Packs
    • CONSUMABLE DYE PACKS - 3,000 Marks of Fortune each

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