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Turtle BeachSeptember 8, 2021

Riot Fixes Bug Issues With League of Legends 11.18 Patch

Bugging out!

League recently released its 11.18 update, one of its first paches aimed at spicing up Worlds later this year.

However, the patch hasn't gone as smoothly as anticipated with a few bugs popping up in the few days its been live.

However, Riot have quickly squashed those critters in their tracks to restore balance and order to the game

Here's what was updated.

Patch Notes

These bugs focused primarily on Qiyana and Janna.
According to @JeevunSidhu, they've now fixed an issue where some knockbacks would break Qiyana's Q+E auto-aim unintentionally.
Qiyana was one of 33 champions effected by update 11.18 - here's what was changed to her:
    • Base AS increased to 0.688 from 0.625
    • Base HP regen decreased to 1.5 from 1.8
    • Q now deals 25% bonus damage to monsters
    • E damage decreased to 50-170 from 60-180

However, it seems these adjustments caused an unintentional change. Jeevun have addressed the issue and will monitor for any further complications.

Meanwhile, Janna has also experienced a small issue despite not being targetted in the recent patch.

Janna's W will correctly persist on her now.

They've also addressed the following issues:

  • The Predator buffs are in, but the tooltip doesn’t reflect them (will be fixed in 11.19)
  • Dr. Mundo’s extra HP in his ultimate was “incorrectly communicated” and tool tipped as bonus health when it should actually be base health
  • Singed’s ultimate was meant to grant him Grievous Wounds on all damage, but the devs ended up shipping it on his Poison Trail only
  • Another Taliyah bug is being “actively” worked on

Missed the 11.18 Patch Notes? Read them here.

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