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Turtle BeachSeptember 30, 2022

How To Check Your Valorant Purchase History


While Valorant is all about its gunplay and the skill players wield with their weapons, there's a large focus on in-game cosmetics.

Riot are always adding new skins into the game that players can purchase and while many fans will want to get a majority of them, it can be tough on the bank account.

Speaking of this, we're going to runover how you'll be able to check your purchase history within Valorant!

How To Check Your Valorant Purchase History

It can be rather depressing to see how much you've spent on a video games in-game cosmetics, and espicially one such as Valorant where the prices are astronomically high.

However, this isn't to say there isn't any shame in purchasing skins in a game you enjoy, and personally, we have around $400 spent, which doesn't seem too bad.

If you're looking to check out you purchase history, you're going to need to head to Riot's official tracker for these metrics, which can be found here.

Once loaded, simply sign in, and hit view your purchase history, and it'll give you a full breakdown of the transactions you've made!

Turtle Beach
Turtle Beach

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