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Turtle BeachJuly 6, 2022

Fortnite 21.20 Patch Notes: Release Date, Skins, Size, Map, Weapons And Everything You Need To Know

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Chapter 3 Season 3 of Fortnite is undergoing another update today, which will be the first one in the young season that released a few weeks ago.

Fortnite's been going through one of the best periods the game has experienced from a casual perspective in quite some time, as its been soaring in popularity yet again.

Now, with patch 21.20 releasing soon we've got the latest info on what's to come!

Release Date And Time

Update 21.20 released July 6th, 2022 and will go live around 9 am BST.

  • Xbox One - TBD
  • Xbox Series X/S - TBD
  • PS4 - TBD
  • PS5 - TBD
  • PC - TBD
  • Nintendo Switch - TBD
  • Android - TBD
Patch Notes


Ready for some fortune and glory? Indiana Jones’ Battle Pass Quests go live starting 9 AM ET on July 6, 2022! Complete these Quests to unlock the Indiana Jones Outfit and more items from his Set.

Fortnite Shuffled Shrines

Just in time for Indy’s entrance, the Shuffled Shrines temple has been discovered on the Island! Explore this POI just west of The Joneses for an ancient architecture adventure.


Fortnite Charge SMG

Found from the ground, Chests, Supply Drops, Reality Saplings, and sharks, pick up the new Charge SMG to wind up a punch! You’ll activate a charge by holding down the trigger, and the more you hold it, the more bullets you’ll release when you let go. How to know when to release? You’ll see a gauge on-screen showing how far in the charge you are. Send a strategic full charge or a spontaneous partial charge!

(With the arrival of the Charge SMG, the Combat SMG has been vaulted.)


Fortnite Port-A-Fort

Nothing says good vibes like convenience: the Port-A-Fort is back! Throw down a Port-A-Fort — found from the ground as well as Chests — to fortify yourself in seconds. Zero building is required, as the fort will arise on its own.


Even though Ripsaw Launcher Week has come to an end, you can still find Ripsaw Launchers from the ground, Chests, and Supply Drops in addition to The Chop Shop! However, with Ripsaw Launcher Week being over, this weapon will be in a more standard supply.

Fortnite Ripsaw Launcher


  • The Charge SMG is not included in competitive playlists.

  • The Combat SMG has been vaulted in competitive playlists.

  • The Port-A-Fort is not included in competitive playlists.

  • In case you missed it: Last week, we removed Characters and wildlife from competitive playlists to improve server performance.



Bug Fixes

We're going to be keeping tabs on Fortnite's Community Trello board, where they'll update all the bugs and glitches they're going to be patching this update!

  • Battle Royale Issues
    • 'Obi-Want's Message' Emote playing in english instead of selected language
    • Server Replays are not accessible
    • Low Render quality objects appearing on Starter island
  • Creative Top issues
    • Tracker Device
    • Prop movers and manipulators can not be placed when they don't overlap with props
  • Save the World Top Issues
    • Screen flashes white when R.O.S.I.E is fired at or around the player
  • Switch And Mobile Issues
    • Parental controls screen cannot be exited with a controller

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