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Turtle BeachOctober 29, 2021

Call of Duty: Warzone Visions of Verdansk Event Leaks And Details

Having Visions?

Activision has already stated that Call of Duty: Warzone will shift its setting away from the Cold War and towards World War 2 when the new game, Vanguard, releases. What we haven't gotten is many official details on what this transition could look like.

Thanks to a number of data miners and leakers, however, we are starting to get a better understanding of what to expect. Namely, there appears to be an event called "Visions of Verdansk" that will help sunset the old setting and bring in the new one.

Here's everything we know about Visions of Verdansk, as well as a potential timeline for the transition to Warzone’s new map.

Release Date

While it would be great for Visions of Verdansk to start when Call of Duty: Vanguard releases, that probably won't be the case. As of now, it's set to release on November 18, and will be active throughout the end of November until Caldera (Warzone's Pacific Map) releases on December 2/3.

What Is It About?

The first leaked details for Visions of Verdansk point towards it acting as a send off of sorts for the Verdansk map. According to data miner Alaix COD, there will be an event or game mode called Operation: Flashback. Taglines from the data offer some rudimentary clues as to what Operation: Flashback will look like:

  • Revisiting Events: Every new circle starts a random event, prepare for flashbacks from the past
  • Enhanced Rewards: Contracts and Supply Boxes reward memories of yesterday, with a chance of Powerups or Keycards.
  • Expanded Buy Station: New items are in stock. Loadout Makers can be purchased after the Loadout Event.

Each one of these taglines grants a pretty good glimpse into what’s coming. New circles will most likely draw from a set list of past Warzone events. These events will probably be very condensed, given how long a typical circle in the game lasts. It's unclear how big or small these events will be, either — we may see an armoured death train travel around the map for just a few minutes!

Contracts and Supply Boxes will most likely have a larger pool of offered activities and loot for players. The limits that different seasons impose on supply boxes will probably be dropped, allowing players to receive guns from across seasons. Older keycards will probably allow players to access blueprints and other goodies they may have missed throughout Verdansk's run.

All in all, the event seems like a combination of a send off for the original map as well as a last-call for players to earn any rewards they can't live without. But, if some leakers are to be believed, that's only half of it.

To The Pacific: Introducing Warzone's New Map

Alaix COD — on their currently suspended main Twitter account — also acknowledged the possibility of a dual event. To The Pacific would be a complementary event which would take place shortly after Visions of Verdansk. This event would most likely introduce the new Warzone map, which Activision has confirmed to be set in the Pacific theatre of World War 2. To The Pacific would be the first time players would get to play on the new map. Early footage of the Pacific map shows it to be far more lush and vibrant than Verdansk, with a bigger emphasis on nature.

Turtle Beach
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