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Turtle BeachDecember 8, 2021

Best Landing Spots for Warzone Pacific


Warzone Pacific has arrived with a bang, and there's been a ton of talk leading up to the major release of it's second map, Caldera.

With a whole new playground for players to check out, one of the aspects you're going to want to get to grips with, is landing spots.

We're going to run over some of the best landing spots for Warzone Pacific down below!

Best Landing Spots For Warzone Pacific

Similar to Verdansk, there's a ton of POIs for players to drop into within Caldera, giving players a wide array of choices when looking to control a spot.

With this said, there's also some landing spots that are simply better than others, thanks in large part due to their abundance of loot and location on the map.

Based on the layout on the map, we can estimate that the following four landing spots are going to be widley overcrowded as of now.

Here's the best landing spots for Warzone Pacific!

  • Downtown
    • This was one of the most common spots within Verdansk, and once again players will be flocking to this POI for its ease of convience when it comes to loot and location
  • Resort
    • With a few buildings and a ton of loot, players who love close quarters combat will enjoy Resort from the get go
  • The Fields
    • This POI is giving us Quarry vibes right from the start, as its one of the largest locations around the map
  • Docks
    • One of the best looking landing spots within Caldera, Docks is a wide array of buildings and if you're looking for a fight right off spawn, this is the location for you
Turtle Beach
Turtle Beach

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