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Turtle BeachDecember 15, 2021

Apex Legends Dark Depths Event: Release Date, Skins, Modes And Everything You Need To Know

The Hunt For Treasure

The mysterious Apex Legends Dark Depths event has appeared from ether, with early leaks and details leaving players incredibly excited to dive in. It may be coming in Season 11, and you’ll definitely want to be prepared. Here’s everything we know so far about the Apex Legends Dark Depths event.

When Will The Dark Depths Event Start?

As the Holo-Day Bash begins soon and The Raiders Collection event runs until late December, it is likely the Dark Depths event will begin after these conclude. Three events back to back is plenty of new content for Apex Legends players, so Respawn will need to pace them evenly.

What Is The Dark Depths Event?

The first details of the Dark Depths event emerged in November after reputable Apex Legends leaker GarretLeaks uncovered files for an event titled “Folklore”. As new patches are introduced to the game, this has presented leakers an opportunity to forage more information. The title “Dark Depths” became more official on December 5, as players were able to screenshot limited-time items within the Apex store.

Dark Depths Rewards

If you’re a fiend for collecting elusive skins and flexing them on your opponents, then the Dark Depths event shouldn’t disappoint. It isn’t just Legends that are set to receive a makeover, as numerous weapons will get a new coat of paint too. Leaked skin names lend themselves to an Ocean theme, as they include: Barracuda, Sea Streak, Broseidon, and Barnacle Buster.

According to leaks so far, the following weapons will be receiving new skins, with a wealth of others surely set to join them:

  • R99 SMG
  • Volt
  • Spitfire
  • R-301

As shown in the leaked image, Fuse, Lifeline, Ash, and Wraith are all lined up to get their fill of Legendary and Limited-edition skins. As most leaked information has been taken down recently, it is safe to assume that this event is real and Respawn is keen to keep plenty of surprises up its sleeve.

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