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Turtle BeachDecember 16, 2021

Where to find Krampus in Warzone

Christmas Is Here

Warzone Pacific has now released worldwide, and it's been fresh change of pace for players who've been diving into the battle royale for almost two years now.

Throughout your days of playing Warzone you've probably come across some unique skins from time to time.

Now, the developers have added some holiday themed skins and Krampus is one of them!

Where to find Krampus in Warzone

Now, one would think you would just find the new skin within the Warzone item shop, but this isn't the case here.

They've added Krampus into a specific game mode for the holiday season, and he's going to be causing havoc around the map for players.

The best tip we can give you in order to find Krampus while loading into a match of Warzone is to head over to some of the Festive Trees scathered around the Caldera map.

This is typically where Krampus is going to be lurking around, and if you're able to eliminate the NPC you're going to be granted some unique rewards!

Turtle Beach
Turtle Beach

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