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Turtle BeachMarch 24, 2024

Valorant New Agent Clove: Reveal Trailer

The premier of any new Valorant Act or Episode is an exciting time to be playing the game, as Riot has consistently added new maps, agents and tweaked the game throughout the years.

Now, Riot have gone ahead and revealed the brand new agent, Clove and we’re going to run over all we know thus far.

Valorant New Agent Clove: Reveal Trailer

Riot has now formally revealed Clove during the pre-match of the VCT Masters Madrid Grand Finals, and from what we can tell Clove appears to be a hybrid of a controller/duelist.

Valorant New Agent Clove: Abilities

While Riot have not officially listed what each individual ability does for Clove, the trailer does showcase all of the characters main abilities that we’re going to be using throughout the game.

First off, Clove will have smokes, similar to other controllers such as Omen, but will also have some sort of grenade ability where enemies will become blind/surpressed inside it.

The unique ability that Clove offers is the fact that they’ll be able to revive themselves at some point during a round if they die alongside the fact that they’ll further be able to smoke locations when they die.

Quite the interesting character to say the least, and we’re amped to learn more.


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