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Turtle BeachJanuary 19, 2022

Super People: Beginner's Guide To Classes And Combat


Super People might seem complicated when you first drop in, but the latest entry to the battle royale genre doesn’t have to be daunting. The twelve different Super People classes to explore means the game can feel overwhelming. So to help get you started on your path to victory, our Super People beginners guide will take you through the tips and tricks you need to survive.

Key Bindings Are King

Playing the tutorial of Super People can only get you so far. You’ll need to explore some creative key bindings to get the edge on your opponents. Thankfully, Super People makes it easy to rework your control scheme. Here are some essential key binds to use:

  • Q and E - Enables left and right leaning
  • ALT - Rotate the camera fully while moving around
  • Z - Prone! That’s right, you can lay on the floor, despite the tutorial failing to detail this
  • V - Whether you prefer first or third person, this binding will let you toggle it

Never Stop Moving

This may seem like an obvious tip, but keeping mobile during Super People is crucial. It might be tempting to stop for loot immediately after kill, but lingering too long will leave you open to defeat. Keep monitoring your surroundings and more importantly, communicate with your teammates!

Superman Punch Your Enemies

Dropping into an area with barely any loot is terrifying, especially as more players flood the area. You can get out of this fiery situation with a well timed jump. If you’re engaged in a melee fight with any enemy, remember to jump, as this will activate a hefty, Superman-style punch. If this hits your enemy on the head, it will drop them immediately.

Always Pick Up Capsules

Split into different color categories, the capsules within Super People are vital for gaining stat buffs. Red, blue, and green capsules will upgrade their relevant skill paths, while white will upgrade a randomized ability. Gold will randomly max out an ability. With no negatives for consuming them, it is a no brainer to keep picking them up.

Levelling Up Is Simpler Than You Think

As you put more time into Super People, you may think that it’s a grind to level up. It can seem arduous initially, but it is actually fairly simple. To level up as fast possible you’ll need to do the following:

  • Maximize your survival time
  • Attain high kill counts
  • Keep consuming capsules

Driver, Teleport, And Snipe To Win

There are twelve classes within Super People which will lead to plenty of experimentation. If you’re looking for an easy introduction to the game, however, we’d advise using the Driver, Teleporter, or Sniper classes. It will take some time to fully upgrade each class, but the rewards are more than worth it.

Drivers can summon a damage-resistant monster truck, launch vehicles into the air at the tap of a button, and even detonate them after dismounting. This can be a great tactic to send a deadly projectile into enemies after abandoning your vehicle mid-air. The ‘Smart Bullet’ and ‘Mounted Combat’ perks are highly valuable too, as they improve accuracy while shooting from your vehicle.

Teleporters are fittingly suited to players who prefer mobility. The class does as you’d expect, allowing you to teleport a short distance ahead. The green and blue capsules can be used to upgrade the Teleporter class’ crouch speed.

Snipers require more patience but the reward for landing delicious shots at a distance is unrivalled. The Sniper’s ability, ‘Deadeye’, offers a worthwhile damage increase for DMRs and SRs. Cooling down the ‘Deadeye’ ability will take ten seconds, but it is worth the wait in return for a 50% damage increase. Snipers can also upgrade their abilities to hear enemy footsteps with more clarity.

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