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Turtle BeachApril 27, 2022

Rocket League 2.14 Patch Notes


Rocket League has pushed live its latest update over night, which is going to set the tide for players looking to dive into the game once again.

With Rocket League soaring as of late, players are eager to see what's changed in this small, but important update.

Rocket League 2.14 Patch Notes

Main Patch Notes


  • Knockout Bash starts on April 27 at 9 a.m. PDT / 4 p.m. UTC!
    • Learn more about the event and our new Knockout LTM here


  • After completing a match and returning to the main menu, fixed a bug preventing the game client from saving the previous selection for re-queue
  • Fixed a UI bug preventing “Competitive” from appearing above the scoreboard when playing multiple consecutive Competitive matches
  • Fixed a bug preventing access to the Change Mode/Match menu while watching a Replay
  • Fixed a bug preventing chat during trading
  • Dingo Engine Audio volume level has been fixed
  • Fixed a bug with parental control preventing some players from seeing the "Allow All" in-game text chat option

Knockout Bash


  • In all of Soccar history, the triumphant path has always been paved with cooperation and teamwork. Now, let all alliances be cast aside with the introduction of the free-for-all LTM, Knockout. This game mode will be part of a new in-game event called Knockout Bash, which runs from April 27 to May 10.
  • In this destructive derby, only the strong survive as 8 players crash their way through several new Arenas. Many of your Soccar skills will carry over, but you’ll need to master the new Attack, Block, and Grab mechanics to come out victorious!

Core Gameplay for Knockout Bash

  • Attack - Dodging into opponents will do a lot more than just bump them, in Knockout a well-placed Attack will send your opponents flying. Remember, the faster you’re going the harder you’ll hit.
  • Block - Blocking will reflect Attacks back at your opponent. Be careful though, this will only work with proper timing otherwise your block will fail, leaving you wide open to an Attack.
  • Grab - Hold the Grab button and dodge into an opponent to Grab them. Dodge again to throw them across the Arena
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