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Turtle BeachSeptember 6, 2022

Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 3 Operation Brutal Swarm: Release Date, Announcement, New Operator, Patch Notes and Everything You Need To Know

New Season

Rainbow Six Siege is now gearing up to release another Season, and the second one as apart of it's Year Seven program, as it already feels like yesterday we were talking about the release of Sens.

With Year 7 Season 3 coming out, this also means a brand new Operator for players to dive into, and we're going to run over all the news pertaining to the new season.

Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 3 Release Date

Year 7 Season 3 should release on September 6th, 2022, and will go down for the update at the following times.


  • 9:00 am EST
  • 13:00 UTC


  • 10:00 am EST
  • 14:00 UTC


  • 11:00 am EST
  • 15:00 UTC
Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 3 New Operator

Every Season, Ubisoft releases a brand new Operator for Siege, and most recently, we recieved Sens, an attacker that has shaken up the meta quite a bit.

Now, they've gone ahead and revealed Grim, an Attacker who has a rather interesting ability to say the least. Bascially, they can send our recon bee's, that'll locate enemies if they're within the swarm's radius, adding an unique recon ability for players to use.

"R.O.U. Projector System rolls after it's thrown by Sens and drops small projectors to create a screen along its path. Although physical objects can still pass through the screen, it's highly flexible—cutting off multiple lines of sight at once."

Sens loadout will be as follows.

  • Primary Weapons: 552 Commando or SG-CQB Shotgun
  • Secondary Weapons: P229
  • Gadget: Breach Charge, Claymore
  • Health: 3
  • Speed: 1
Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 3 Patch Notes

Weapon Recoil

In the Year 7 Season 3 update reveal for Rainbow Six Siege, players on both PC and console will now see a complete overhaul of the recoil system. In the new system: Vertical recoil on all weapons has been reviewed and adjusted to match each weapon and their respective power levels. Vertical and horizontal recoil will intensify with sustained fire. The longer the burst, the stronger the recoil. The new system will also include a higher level of recoil for weapons with a high-capacity magazine that makes the weapon even harder to control, along with even more attachment options. The new recoil system will be available on both consoles and PC. With the new recoil system, recoil will work differently on consoles compared to PC. In the past, recoil had been set by default based on the PC version and adjusted from there to suit players on the consoles. Now, the recoil system on the console is changed separately from the PC version with the Year 7 Season 3 update.

Player Protection

Previously in the last season, the community saw new reputation changes with added penalties for abusive friendly fire. Now with the Rainbow Six Seige Year 7 Season 3 update, a new penalty will be added to punish abusive players further. The new penalty will mute repeat offenders by default to prevent further abuse within text chat. Muted players will still be able to send and receive messages, but only by players that choose to unmute them. Players will see the added penalty system arrive later in Season 3 rather than at the season release. At the release, players will be granted a grace period that will allow them to adapt to the new system. Once the grace period ends, players who’ve sent too many hateful or abusive text chats will receive an active penalty for 30 matches.

New map pool addition: Stadium 2021

After working with pro teams, the decision has been made to add the 2021 version of Stadium to the map pool. Players will be quick to notice a change. The map will now fall under a new name: Stadium Bravo. Stadium Bravo is a combination of Border and Coastline, making changes to the sites and features of the map, cleaning up clutter, and making the map feel different but still familiar.

Gift a Rainbow Six Siege Battle Pass

Starting with Year 7 Season 3, players can now purchase and send Battle Pass gifts to their friends. Using Ubisoft Connect, players can send their friends at a kind of Battle Pass purchase, be it the Premium Battle Pass or the Premium Battle Pass bundle. In addition, owners will get to enjoy a 10% discount on all store purchases. Players will need to be friends through Ubisoft Connect for over 90 days and be using the same platform to be able to gift one another a Battle Pass.


Player comfort

Map ban changes

  • Changes have been made to the map ban phase to display 5 maps instead of 3, which looks to increase map diversity while painting player agency to remove specific maps from the pool.

Tactical map changes

  • New updates have been made to the tactical map to help provide crucial information to attackers to make more informed decisions during the preparation phase. For example, attackers can now see a list of available defender objective locations, which will be displayed when the attacking team discovers them.

Operator’s price decrease

  • As with every Rainbow Six Seige season, Operation Brutal Swarm and Year 7 season 3 will bring price decreases for specific operators. Players will see price drops with Amaru and Goyo dropping to 1ok renown/240 R6 credits. Zero drops to 15k renown/360 R6 credits and Osa at 20k renown/ 480 R6 credits. Now is the perfect time to pick these operators at a lowered price, adding them to your roster.

Seasonal weapon skin

  • With the arrival of the Year 7 Season 3 update, Brutal Swarm for Rainbow Six Siege will see several new additions to your weapon skin collection. Acquiring the torrid jungle bundle will unlock the weathered partner weapon skin and attachment skin, as well as the smelly durian charm. The weapon skin will be released at the launch of operation Brutal Swarm and will be available for purchase throughout the season. Once unlocked, it remains in your inventory permanently.
Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 3 Operator Pass

Stay tuned for more information regarding Year 7 Season 3 to be revealed in the coming weeks!

Turtle Beach
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