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Turtle BeachSeptember 14, 2021

Toona Fish Color Bottles And Rainbow Ink Locations In Fortnite Season 8

Fortnite is known for adding colorful cosmetics within the battle pass for players to unlock, and we've seen evolutionary ones in the past.

But, none of them have been as colorful as the new Toona Fish skin, which will use Rainbow Ink to unlock new styles within the game!

Here's how to find Rainbow Ink to customise your Toona Fish skin in Fortnite.

Toona Fish Color Bottle Locations
How To Find Rainbow Ink in Chapter 2 Season 8

The addition of the new Toon Fish skin is one that players are going to be eager to unlock, as the cosmetic allows players to change the appearance of the skin over the course of the game through obtaining Rainbow Ink.

Think of this new Rainbow Ink as the Alien Artifacts that were scattered around the map during Season 7, so just another collectable for players to find, and doing so will unlock certain styles for the skin.

When you do find Rainbow Ink around the map, you'll be able to unlock some of the pre-set styles that Epic has added into the game for Toon Fish. While on the flipside, finding Color Bottles, enables you to deck out the skin with whatever color combinations you want.

If you're looking to find Rainbow Ink, you'll need to find and loot Cosmic Chests around the Fortnite map. They're unique chests that spawn in every game mode besides solos, as it requires more than one person to open it. They're noticeable due to their otherworldly appearance, and will be hovering off the ground.

Player's will be able to earn a maximum amount of 25 Rainbow Ink each week, and over the course of the season, this is capped at 250. So, if you're up to date with all the ink, you should have all the additional styles unlocked at the tail-end of Season 8

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