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Turtle BeachAugust 10, 2022

New Legendary Scarlet and Violet Pokemon Leaked

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is going to be next main stream entry into the iconic Pokemon series, and while we know few details pertaining to the game as of now, some leakers have uncovered some new information.

With the Legendary Pokemon already being fully revealed, a new 'quartet' of Legendary Pokemon may be coming as well.

Here's what we know!

New Legendary Scarlet and Violet Pokemon Leaked

It's not uncommon for Pokemon to add sub-legendary Pokemon for any given region, and we've seen this done a ton in recent memory.

Thinking back we have the Regi's, the Lake Pokemon and many more examples, and it appears Scarlet and Violet are going to be getting the same treatment.

CentroLeaks has noted that these new Legenday Pokemon are based aroundthe 4 Dragon's within China's ancient lore, and can be attributed towards the following.

-White Pearl Dragon
-Yellow Dragon
-Large Great Dragon
-Black Dragon

However, they go onto say that they won't be falling within the Dragon or Fairy typing, which is rather interesting.

Furthermore, CentroLeaks noted that we are getting a Suhi Pokemon that will have the typing of Dragon/Water! So, interesting times if you're a Pokemon fan.

Turtle Beach
Turtle Beach

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