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Turtle BeachSeptember 15, 2022

Overwatch 2 reveals new hero 'Kiriko' and Battle Pass specifics


Blizzard has announced their latest hero set to join Overwatch 2 when the free-to-play game launches on October 4. Kiriko, seen in the trailer above, is described as the games newest “wall climbing, Kunai-wielding support hero”.

In Season One, everyone who logs in to play the game will receive Junker Queen (another recent addition to the game) and Sojourn automatically. However, players who already own the original Overwatch game will also receive Kiriko through their Founder’s Pack.

In addition to revealing the new hero, and with the game set to launch in just a few week’s time, the developer has also announced all the specifics on how the new battlepass system will work moving forward.

Essentially a new season should begin roughly every 9 weeks, and the battle pass will provide players with the usual assortment of content such as skins, emotes and more.

Intriguingly, it will also include heroes. New heroes will debut for everyone in Overwatch 2 at Tier 55 on the free track of the Battle Pass. But they’ll unlock immediately on the premium Battle Pass track.

“New heroes will typically come out every alternate season, except for Season One and Two, which will each feature a new hero. After that, we are planning a new hero in Season Four and Season Six.”

It’s also worth noting that Blizzard will delay introducing new heroes into the games competitive modes until a few weeks have passed. That way the team can “tune their balance quickly” if needed, as well as giving players a bit more time to experiment with the latest addition.


The Overwatch 2 Premium Battle Pass will cost 1000 Overwatch Coins (equivalent to $10 USD), with coins available to purchase directly, or also earned over time by completing weekly challenges in-game.

If you want to know more in-depth details on how the new Season Pass will work with Overwatch 2 in the future, including all those finer details, then follow the link for a full blog post from Blizzard.


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