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Turtle BeachNovember 9, 2021

How To Sell Cars In Forza Horizon 5

Money, money money!

Forza Horizon 5, offers a wide array of content for players to dive into within the overly expansive map that is Mexico, and you'll always have something to do when driving around.

However, one of the best features that Horizon has to offer is the in-game AutoShow.

We're going to rundown how players will be able to sell cars for a profit within Forza Horizon 5.

How To Sell Cars In Forza Horizon 5

Horizon 5 takes a lot of the same features that made Horizon 4 so popular and carries them over to their latest iteration, and the ability to sell cars is one of them.

This feature is going to come in handy for most players, as more often than not, you're going to obtain car you don't particular want, or one that is surprisingly expensive.

So, it may be in your best interest to sell this car, as you can make an insane amount of money!

If you're looking to sell cars within Horizon 5, simply follow the below steps in order to achieve this.

  • Head over to the Festival, which is marked on your map
  • Load into the Auction House
  • Pick the car you want to sell
  • Set the price based on the currently available cars for sale
  • Wait until the car is sold and the funds are in your account

A rather simple process, and one that's remained unchanged compared to previous titles!

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