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Turtle BeachJanuary 13, 2021

Nerf Requests Persist Following Call of Duty: Warzone's Latest Patch


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Nerf Requests Persist Following Call of Duty: Warzone’s Latest Patch


January 13, 2021

Anyone who plays Call of Duty: Warzone frequently knows that there’s one weapon operators fear going up against the most.  There’s no other firearm on the battlefield that dishes out damage like the DMR 14.  This semi-auto tactical rifle feels absolutely fantastic when you’ve got one in your collection, but going up against one is almost certain death.  Even those who love the DMR 14 can admit that it’s simply way too powerful for its own good.  Thankfully, the developers behind Warzone have been listening.

Just a few days back, a new round of weapon nerfs was pushed live in Warzone.  At the top of the list was the DMR 14.  In some quick patch notes, developer Raven Software shared that they reduced headshot damage and increased recoil in the DMR 14.  Players were ecstatic to see that the dev team listened, especially after months and months of begging them to change things up.  Now everything is as it should be, and players around the world are finally happy with the DMR 14…right?

Following roughly a week of play since the latest round of nerfs dropped, Warzone fans are still finding issues with overpowered weapons.  Even with the changes made so far, numerous complaints continue to file in for the DMR 14.  The general consensus is that Raven Software simply didn’t go far enough with their changes.  There are numerous calls to decrease body damage the gun does, as it can still shred through opponents with relative ease.  It looks like the dev team might have to go back to the drawing board on this one.

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Not surprisingly, Warzone fans have requests for other weapons to be nerfed as well.  The thing is, the loudest calls for change are for weapons that already received downgrades in the latest patch.  Along with the changes to the DMR 14, Raven Software also rejiggered the Type 63 assault rifle and the Mac-10 SMG.  Of the two, the Type 63 got the bigger nerf, reducing headshot damage and upping recoil.  Once again, it appears players feel that things didn’t go far enough.  The Type 63 can still dominate in the hands of newcomers and veterans alike, leaving the opposition confused as to how they can fight back.

As for the Mac-10, just one change was made.  Raven Software decreased the headshot multiplier and that’s it.  This didn’t do much to alter the debate around the gun’s power.  It seems players are still a bit split when it comes to the Mac-10 being overpowered.  Some find the gun to be very strong, but fairly so.  Obviously this impact is more obvious when at close range, as it can take down an opponent fairly quickly.  It’s that close-range game that causes the debate in the first place, as other players feel the damage doesn’t scale properly with distance.  Not a cut-and-dry request for further nerfing from the fanbase, but definitely plenty of chatter.

The last nerf request coming from players is one that has been voiced for quite some time, and it persists even after past tweaks.  More than a few Warzone operators find the Diamatti burst pistol to be too good at its job.  This pistol lets you fire off three shots with just one button press, which obviously dishes out considerable damage.  The real trouble starts when you dual wield these pistols.  The latest pistol nerf increased hip fire spread while decreasing damage range, but once again, players don’t think the nerfing really addressed enough issues.  

It’s not surprising to see the weapons mentioned above continue to pop up in nerfing discussions.  Even with Raven Software doing their best to adjust these weapons and make players happy, the changes just lead to more complaints.  Popular weapons always draw more attention when tweaks are made, and reactions to those adjustments will definitely bring in more vitriol than other loadouts.  Can Raven Software manage to find a balance with these weapons to quell most of the unrest among Warzone players?  The team is certainly going to try, but the jury is out on the endgame.

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