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Turtle BeachApril 11, 2022

Kingdom Hearts 4: Release Date, Gameplay, Platforms and More


Kingdom Hearts recently celebrated their 20th anniversary with a major announcment, and the game that fans have been anticipating for numerous years, has finally been announced.

Yes, we're talking about Kingdom Hearts 4, and Sora and the gang are going to be taking on a more modern setting this time around, or are they?

Here's all we know about the upcoming entry into the legendary Kingdom Hearts series.

Kingdom Hearts 4 Release Date

It's already been three years since Kingdom Hearts 3 released, and with the announcement of the fourth iteration of the series, fans are eager to jump back in with Sora.

But, we have no indication of the release window of Kingdom Hearts 4, and we're going to guess sometime between 2023-2024.

Kingdom Hearts 4 Trailer

Premiered during the 20th anniversary special, you can check out the reveal trailer for Kingdom Hearts 4 below!

Kingdom Hearts 4 Platforms

This part is unknown as well as of now, but we're going to assume it'll be a next-gen console release only, and we might see it on PC on day one!

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