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Turtle BeachDecember 2, 2021

How To Update Minecraft Bedrock On PC


While it seems imaginable that players are still flocking to Minecraft in 2021, how could they not?

One of the best performing games of all time has just released its largest update in numerous years, in the second part of the Cliffs and Caves Update.

While it's rather common for players to play Minecraft on Java Edition, as there's more options for mods and other resources.

The Minecraft Bedrock Edition is free on Xbox Game Pass, so it's perhaps a decent way for you to check out the new update.

But, if you've already got the game installed, you're first going to need to update it.

How To Update Minecraft Bedrock Version

The process is quite easy in order to update Minecraft, as opposed to Java edition, you won't have to go into the Minecraft Launcher itself.

Either head over to the Microsoft Store, or if you're playing on the Xbox Game Pass version, head over to the Xbox App.

Once here, if you're in the Store, head to the top right of your screen and hit the button with the three horizontal dots.

Then, press downloads and updates and there should be another button that reads "Get Updates."

This should search for any outstanding updates within Minecraft Bedrock edition, and if you're using the Xbox Game Pass app on PC, then the game will automatically update when you try and play it!

Turtle Beach
Turtle Beach

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