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Turtle BeachNovember 9, 2021

How To Get Super Wheel Spins In Forza Horizon 5

Free cars and money? Sign us up!

Forza Horizon 5, has implemented a ton of the same features from it's predecessor that elevate the game to the pinnacle of racing tittles.

One of these is the Super Wheel Spins feature, which is a fun way for players to test their luck, as they could be in store for some wicked rewards.

However, it can be a bit of mystery in how you'll be able to unlock one, and we're going to run over all the current ways you can in Horizon 5.

How To Get Super Wheel Spins In Forza Horizon 5

Horizon 5 offers two types of wheel spins for players to try their hand at. The ordinary wheel spin enables players to have one column of rewards, while the Super Wheel Spin has three for players to earn.

The latter is what we're going to be focused on today, as they're quite rare within the game and there's only a few ways player's will be able to earn them.

Perhaps the most common method in earning them is by using your Car Mastery Skill Points in order to unlock a free one. As, some of the cars within Horizon 5 will have a skill point category where you'll be able to unlock a Super Wheel Spin.

Other methods to unlock these spins include the following.

  • Purchase them via the in-game store
  • Complete challenges
  • Purchase houses in-game

There's some amazing rewards inside the Super Wheel Spins, as they range from rare cars, to a flurry of money!

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