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Turtle BeachJanuary 12, 2022

How Long Is Dying Light 2 and How Long Will It Take To Complete

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Dying Light is one of the more unique concepts within gaming that's been released, and Techland, the studio behind the series will be releasing a new one very soon.

Being the direct sequel to the first title, theres massive expectations for the second iteration, and fans cannot wait to dive into all the content.

Here's how long Dying Light 2 is going to take to complete for both the campaign and 100% completion!

How Long Does It Take To Beat Dying Light 2

With a large focus on how long single-player stories are within gaming nowadays, there was quite the shock when Techland revealed how long Dying Light 2 is going to take.

If you're looking to 100% complete the game, its going to take you nearly 500 hours to find every hidden collectible, complete ever side mission and what not.

With this being quite the staggering number, there may be some deterrence into diving into the game with so much content to check out.

However, Techland later confirmed that the story itself will take most players around 70-80 hours to complete, which is still quite a staggering length for a game.

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