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Turtle BeachMay 13, 2022

What are Freemode Events in GTA Online


GTA Online has been Rockstar Game's main focus over recent years, and it's been evident in recent updates that the game has put out to the player.

If you've been playing the game for a while, you've probably jumped into a Freemode event without knowing.

But, if you're new to GTA Online we're going to run over what exactly are Freemode events.

What Are Freemode Events In GTA Online

These events were added back in 2021, and have been a joy for players to partake in whenever they get the chance to dive into one.

Bascially, they're events that take place all over the world of Los Santos, and are random at choice. So, you don't ever really know when you're about to jump into a Freemode event.

While there are many types of GTA Online Freemode events, we're going to run over a breif overview of all of them down below thanks to GTA Wiki.

  • Air Checkpoints - Players compete in collecting checkpoints spread around a quarter of San Andreas skies. Players can only use aircraft during this event.
  • Checkpoints - Players compete in collecting checkpoints spread around a quarter of San Andreas, on land and at sea. Players can only collect on foot or using land or sea vehicles during this event.
  • Criminal Damage - Players compete in causing the most destruction in the time limit.
  • Hold the Wheel - A Caddy, BMX, Tri-Cycles Race Bike, Sanchez, Faggio, Lectro or Fieldmaster becomes a target vehicle during Hold the Wheel. Players compete to steal the vehicle and hold it for the longest time.
  • Hot Property - A briefcase becomes a hot target to collect and hold for the longest amount of time. On-foot variation of Hold the Wheel.
  • Hunt the Beast - The players must track down a random GTA Online player (the Beast), who is faster and stronger than all other players. The beast remains hidden from the radar, and has to visit 10 landmarks. Players must track him/her down and kill them.
  • Kill List - Players enter an armed vehicle and destroy Merryweather patrols.
  • King of the Castle - A designated area must be captured for the longest time. Players fight to capture the area.
  • Penned In - Players fight to remain inside a moving area, gradually becoming smaller.

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