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Turtle BeachJune 29, 2022

GTA Online: How To Get Packie McReary In Diamond Casino Heist




GTA Online: How To Get Packie McReary In Diamond Casino Heist


June 29, 2022

The GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist added plenty of new features into the game, but one of the more elusive is tied to a character from previous games. We’re talking about Packie McReary, who some players may recognise from GTA 4 and GTA 5, not to mention the DLC for The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony.

But in GTA Online this long-standing character has another purpose, as a member of your heist crew, but before you can work with him, you’ll first need to unlock him. Here’s everything you need to know.

Is Packie McReary Disabled In 2022

Packie McReary not appearing in GTA Online? Thankfully you’ve probably just been unlucky. There was a point in February 2021 when Rockstar disabled the Packie McReary random event, however, members of the GTAForums report he is now back in the game.

Here’s one account courtesy of armaanS20 in April 2022 on the GTA Forums:

“Yes, Patrick McReary Random Event is back after nearly a five month hiatus. When I was doing a Payphone Contract mission for Franklin, I spotted something with a little blue dot on my minimap and I discovered that it was Patrick “Packie” McReary in a Police Transporter Van. I was chasing it with my Oppressor MK2, and through sheer luck, the transport van stopped at the signal and I killed two guys driving it. Then at first, it was bugging for a second and I finally got inside the van. I called Lester to remove my wanted level, drove Patrick and his friend to the location and I successfully completed it. My first attempted was almost two years ago when I tried to get access to the van, but I was killed by the police and got my vehicle impounded. After so many attempts, I finally rescued Patrick and unlocked him as a Heist Crew Member for the Casino Heist. He is without a doubt the best Heist Crew Member to get.”

How To Unlock Packie McReary For Heists

If you want to unlock Packie McReary as an Optional Crew Member in the Diamond Casino Heist you’ll first need to complete a random event in GTA Online.

Before he’s made available from the list of possible gunmen in the prep missions, you’ll need to rescue him from the back of a Police transport which is driving around San Andreas. If you spot the police van he’ll call out for help when you get close.

If you manage to stop the transport and escape the police Packie will be free. Soon after, Lester Crest will send you a text message informing you that McReary owes you a debt that can be repaid during the events of the Diamond Casino Heist.

How To Find Packie McReary’s Police Transport

Whilst playing the game in Packie McReary’s Police Transport should show up on you minimap as a small blue dot when you are close by.

You’ll want to keep a one eye on your map to make sure you don’t miss it. Plus when you’re close you might hear the sound of Police sirens, too.

That being said, this is a random encounter so there’s really no telling when he might appear in your game. The only conditions are that the lobby needs to have at least three active players, but that’s it. You don’t even have to buy the Arcade, also added in the Diamond Casino Heist update.

Packie Mcreary Spawn Locations In GTA Online

The difficulty with Packie Mcreary is that he doesn’t have any set location in the game, not least because he’s being driven around the map in a police van.

You could play the game as normal and keep your eye on the minimap for the blue dot to appear. However, some players have noticed a bit of a pattern to his ‘random’ locations and a few redditors created a map showing some of the spawn locations where he has typically been spotted.

If you’re still searching for him, maybe you’ll have more luck in these areas.

That’s everything you need to know about finding Packie McReary in GTA Online, however, if you’re looking for more guides then follow the links below for more helpful tips, tricks and explainers.

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