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Turtle BeachJune 16, 2022

GTA Online: How To Host A Job All The Time




GTA Online: How To Host A Job All The Time


June 16, 2022

If you’re looking to take control and host your own jobs in GTA Online but don’t know what to start don’t worry. You’re not the first and you’re unlikely to be the last person to google this question since it’s not immediately apparent to new players how you can make yourself the host every time you start a new job, mission, race or anything else in GTA Online.

Whilst the is always good for countless hours of fun, sometimes you might prefer to play on your own, or host your own job rather than being lumped into a group with a bunch of random players from another session. Either way, the solution to your problem isn’t that complicated once you know what to do. So read on and we’ll explain everything you need to know to host your own job in GTA Online.

How To Start GTA Online Job As Host Every Time?

Hosting missions is actually pretty easy but you just need to know what settings to turn on (or off) before you try to host your own job or mission in GTA Online.

To start, pause the game and in the menu navigate to the ‘online’ tab on the menu. From here you want to select the options menu, which is third from the bottom. In the options menu, you want to set matchmaking to closed. This will make you the host every time you start a job, and prevent the game from adding you to someone else’s session.

Now when you go to choose your job, mission or whatever it is you want to do, you’ll be the host and before it begins you’ll have control of the matchmaking settings. So if you want you could leave it open for anyone to join, or you could invite people from the session, your friends list and so forth, The fact is because you’re the host, you get to decide all of this. And that’s it.

If you want to watch a video to help give you a bit more handholding the first time you do this, watch the video below that shows you all the steps, plus another sneaky trick which involves bookmarking a chosen job that also makes you the host.

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