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Turtle BeachJuly 26, 2022

GTA Online Best New Cars From The Criminal Enterprises Update




GTA Online Best New Cars From The Criminal Enterprises Update


July 26, 2022

UPDATE - 6 New vehicles are available in GTA Online following the release of the Criminal Enterprises Update. We've listed them below:
• Conada Helicopter ($2,450,000 - $1,837,500), available to purchase via Elitas Travel.
• Lampadati Corsita ($1,795,000), available to purchase via Legendary Motorsports
• Bravado Greenwood ($1,465,000 - $1,098,750), available to purchase via Southern San Andreas
• Benefactor LM87 ($2,915,000), available to purchase via Legendary Motorsports
• Pegassi Torero XO ($2,890,000), available to purchase via Legendary Motorsports
• Obey Omnis E-GT ($1,795,000), available to purchase via Legendary Motorsports

More info and pictures to follow shortly.

Original Story Follows – Rockstar Games has announced the GTA Online Summer Update and it’s called ‘The Criminal Enterprises’.

This new free DLC is coming to the game on July 26, and unlike most updates which normally add a whole chunk of new things to do, The Criminal Enterprises, will instead seek to add significant expansions to business prospects for Criminal Careers. Plus, The Criminal Enterprises also delivers highly requested experience improvements – such as the ability to launch Sell Missions in private sessions and more convenient access to snacks and armor – along with new ways to earn more, including increased payouts for Races, Adversary Modes, Heists, and more to give players greater choice in how they climb their way up the criminal ranks.

Don’t worry though, there’s still a whole heap of new cars you can count on too, and if you want to know what motors will be arriving with the Criminal Enterprises update, then read on.

All New Car Confirmed For GTA Online Criminal Enterprises DLC

According to Rockstar the GTA Online Criminal Enterprises DLC will feature “new vehicles arriving throughout the summer and beyond”.  We can likely expect the list of cars to be updated in the coming months with new cars typically added to the game each week following the GTA Online Weekly Update.

Rockstar has so far confirmed that players will have new Tuners vehicles, and Benny’s Original Motor Works is expanding its capabilities to work on additional vehicles. Additionally, “Hao is keen to get to work on an existing classic”, with a brand-new ride coming later this summer for those on the latest generation of consoles.

In addition, Rockstar has confirmed that players will have two new Imani Tech-eligible vehicles available to take advantage of special upgrades from F. Clinton and Partner’s expert hacker, including remote control, missile lock-on jammer, and more.

The list below features all cars confirmed for the GTA Online Criminal Enterprises DLC:

  • Included with GTA+ Rewards: The Lampadati Corsita Sports Car from Legendary Motorsport.

All Unconfirmed New Cars For GTA Online Criminal Enterprises DLC

In addition to the cars which have been confirmed so far, there’s also several more which have been leaked on the GTA Forums or via screenshots from the trailer which eagle eye fans have spotted.

First up, below is a list of leaked info from the GTA  Forums (Via Wildbrick142) which includes a lot of potential info on the new cars being added to GTA Online Criminal Enterprises:

  • 18 new vehicles are coming: corsita, conada, draugur, greenwood, “kanjosj”, lm87, omnisegt, postlude, rhinehart, ruiner4, sm722, tenf, torero2, vigero2
  • new benny vehicles are: brioso (brioso3), sentinel classic (sentinel4) tenf (tenf2), and weevil (weevil2)
  • greenwood and omnisegt can be equipped with imani tech
  • no, e&e vehicles & hsw stuff is not coming to pc
  • you can now call tony for a limo ride
  • there are new events like ammunation delivery, dealing with troublemakers at the nightclub or collecting a dufflebag for the clubhouse
  • metal detector should be now available

And below is a list of cars that have been spotted from the trailer:

  • A new 70’s sedan with the front end of a 1977-1978 Dodge Monaco
  • A new helicopter spotted in the intro
  • A new custom variant of the Weevil?
  • What looks like the Obey 10F, modeled after the Audi R8
  • A modern Camaro resembling a 6th generation ZL1

That’s everything you need to know about the new cars available from the GTA Online: Criminal Enterprises update. If you’re looking for more GTA guides then follow the links below for more helpful tips, tricks, and explainers.

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