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Turtle BeachJuly 27, 2022

Best Drip Feed Cars in GTA Online


GTA Online has released its first major update in quite some time in the form of the Criminal Enterprise update.

With this major update, Rockstar has gone ahead and noted that numerous new vehicles are coming to the game over the next month, and players are amped.

With models based on classic's such as the 1990 Honda Civic SI and the BMW M3 Touring, we're going to run over the best Drip Feed one's to use within GTA Online!

Best Drip Feed Cars in GTA Online

All in all, there's around 13 new cars coming to GTA Online for players to check out, and they aren't going to be cheap, with most soaring in price for at least 1.5M.

So, you better have a decent bit of cash saved up if you're eager to purchase one of these new vehicles, but it may be worth it, as these are some of the best addiitons we've seen since the Los Santos Tuners update.

But, it's best to know what kind of cars are coming to the game, and we're going to do just that, as we know all the vehicles coming to GTA Online including the Drip Feed ones.

We're going to run over the best ones players can use down below.

  • 10F
    • $1,675,000
  • SM722
    • $2,115,000
  • Ubermacht Rhinehart
    • $1,598,000
  • Dinka Postlude
    • $1,310,000
  • Dinka Kanjo SJ
    • $1,370,000
  • Declasse Vigero ZX
    • $1,947,000
  • Imponter Ruiner ZZ-8
    • $1,32,000
  • Declasse Draugur
    • $1,870,000
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