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Turtle BeachSeptember 3, 2020

Fortnite Season 4 Marvel Skins Guide

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We’ve all wanted to be a superhero or villain at some point in our lives. Being able to zip around the skies, use super strength to tackle physical challenges, and solve any problem with unmatched intellect would be a dream come true. Unfortunately for us humans, super abilities are only possible in a fantasy world. The good news is that now we have a way to live vicariously through our favorite super-powered icons.

Epic has teamed up with Marvel once before to bring their timeless characters into the world of Fortnite, and now the two mega-powers are collaborating once again, but on an even bigger scale. Instead of a few events here or there, Epic and Marvel worked together to create an entire Season’s worth of Marvel action for Fortnite players. This includes in-game events, Easter eggs, and a collection of stellar skins.

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If you’re willing to cough up the V-Bucks for a Fortnite Battle Pass, you can gain access to a number of different skins for some of the biggest Marvel characters there are. Wondering who made the cut and how you can unlock them? We’ve got the full details for you.

Thor (Level 1)

Right out of the gate, the Fortnite Battle Pass will give you access to the God of Thunder, Thor. This key member of the Avengers team has brought his hammer Mjölnir with him, and he’s ready to do some major damage. If you play enough to reach Level 15, Thor will be granted his Power Cosmic emote that’s just as flashy as it sounds.

She-Hulk (Level 22)

Keep grinding your way through the Battle Pass to unlock She-Hulk next. You’ll actually start off as her human half, Jennifer Walters, but you can transform into the iconic She-Hulk once you make it to Level 29. This lets mild-mannered Walters really smash the competition with the flick of an emote!

Groot (Level 38)

I am Groot, and you could be too at Level 38. Everyone’s favorite sentient tree is ready to take on the sweaties a bit deeper in the Battle Pass, and he’s sporting his older version for his Fortnite appearance. Keep gunning for those Victory Royales and hit Level 46 so Groot can call in none other than Rocket Raccoon for a bit of backup.

Storm (Level 53)

Do you know what happens to Fortnite players when they hit Level 53? They unlock Storm, of course! The longtime X-Men favorite parts the clouds and drops down onto Battle Island with the fierceness of Mother Nature at her back. Do some major damage and climb up to Level 60 to watch Storm put on a light show as only she can.

Doctor Doom (Level 67)

Doctor Victor von Doom takes a moment away from battling the Fantastic Four to show off his superior might and intellect to the Fortnite crowd. You can even check out his lair by visiting the Doom’s Domain section of the map! Stick with the Ruler of Latveria up to Level 74, and you can call upon Doom’s throne to sit upon and hatch your next evil scheme.

Mystique (Level 80)

No need to feel blue when Mystique is around. This metamorph troublemaker is ready to manipulate the try-hards and secure a victory that she’ll surely gloat about for years to come. If you manage to reach Level 86, you can use Mystique’s infamous shapeshift ability to steal the skin of the last player you defeated. Just as Magneto said, perfection!

Tony Stark (Level 93)

An Epic and Marvel collab wouldn’t be complete without everyone’s favorite genius billionaire/playboy philanthropist. Tony Stark requires a lot of leveling up to unlock, but there’s no doubt all the effort is worth it. Push a little harder and reach Level 100 to see Stark suited up in full Iron Man glory.

Wolverine (obtained through challenges)

Here’s the deal, bub. You’ll need some serious patience and dedication to unlock Wolverine. Hitting a specific level won’t do the trick here, as you’ll need to complete a series of Wolverine-specific challenges across the map to harness the power of Weapon X. These challenges change from week to week, and you can tackle them at any time. Once the final challenge is revealed, you can check it off your list to make Logan yours. Make sure to get out there and flash those claws with Wolverine’s built-in emote send the competition running!

Silver Surfer and more (in-game shop)

Outside of the Battle Pass characters, Fortnite is also offering limited-time Marvel favorites through the in-game shop. Silver Surfer was the first of these characters, and he was only available for a short time. Whether the Herald of Galactus will return before the season ends is anyone’s guess. There’s also no word on when other surprise characters will drop into the Fortnite shop, so make sure to pop in and scope things out every time you play.

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