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Turtle BeachMay 20, 2022

How To Ignite Structures In Fortnite


Fortnite's new 20.40 update was released not too long ago, and since, players have been able to check out the brand new POI, Collider, and get ready for the season-ending event.

As well, there's a brand new skin pack implemented into the game in the form of the Volcanic Assassin Pack, and players will need to burn some structures down as apart of this!

How To Ignite Structures In Fortnite

The only current way to ignite anything in Fortnite is via Firefly Jars that can be found all around the map. These jars are going to do the trick, as for the most part, whatever they hit, will burn to a crisp.

As for where to find them, it's going to come down to either looting them via chests or ground loot. Or, finding them within the wild.

The latter is rather easy, as they're spotted thanks to their glowing feature they have active, and once you have some in your inventory.

Simply equip it, and huck it at some buildings and the quest should be done!

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