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Turtle BeachJuly 27, 2022

How To Get The John Cena Fortnite Skin


Fortnite's mid-summer update is one that players always look forward too, as over the years Epic have gone ahead and implemented some amazing content and skins for players to earn.

This year is no different, as with all the new No Sweat Quests players have had the chance to complete, a skin we never thought we'd see in the game is finally here.

Here's how players will be able to obtain the John Cena skin!

How To Get The John Cena Fortnite Skin

The legendary John Cena was once an icon within the ring of WWE and Smackdown Vs Raw matches, but has since turned his eyes to acting, with his role as Peacemaker.

Now, Cena steps into the Fortnite circle as a part of their ICON Series and Epic has posted a brand new blog post with the following quotes on John Cena's Fortnite entry.

As part of the Epic SummerSlam, 16-time Champion John Cena gives opponents an Attitude Adjustment in Fortnite. The John Cena Outfit is available in the Item Shop starting July 28 at 8 PM ET, complete with the Entrance Gear and Ring Gear Styles

So, there's no hidden challenges or quests players have to complete in order to unlock the skin as opposed to other ICON Series skins such as Indiana Jones or Darth Vader.

Simply head over to the Fortnite item shop and if you like the skin enough, use those hard earned V-Bucks on this cosmetic!

Turtle Beach
Turtle Beach

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