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Turtle BeachSeptember 22, 2021

New Venom Fortnite Skin: Release Date, Leaks, Price And Everything We Know

Fortnite Season 8 is being touted as one of the best seasons in quite some time so far, mainly due to the wide array of content within for players.

But, even more content is coming soon with a new leaked Venom cosmetic!

That's right, despite already having its own skin in the game, it looks like it could be getting a second version!

New Fortnite Venom skin leaked

Epic Games and Fortnite have been known for implementing collaborations in the past, as we've seen entire seasons based around Marvel characters, so it's not something we haven't become accustomed too.

This appears to be the case yet again, as iFireMonkey on Twitter has noted that we'll be getting a second Venom skin, and this time around it's going to include vastly more cosmetic options than before.

They note it'll contain a pickaxe, glider, contrail and backbling, so we'll be able to be fully decked out in our Venom gear.

For those who don't know, the original Venom skin premiered back in November of 2020, so it's nearly been a year since we've seen it!

Release date

There isn't any concrete news around when this skin is going to release, but we can sorta predict when Epic is going to reveal this skin into the item shop.

The new Venom movie is releasing on October 1, and this seems like the perfect time to release a new Venom skin in partnership with the movie's premier.


We can fully expect the price of this skin and accompanying cosmetics to be revealed closer to the it's actual release date.

But, going off of previous Marvel skin bundles, we can predict that the skin itself will cost anywhere from 1500-2000 Vbucks, with the entire bundle costing somewhere in the 2500 Vbuck range.

Turtle Beach
Turtle Beach

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