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Turtle BeachDecember 21, 2021

All Shanta Quests And How To Complete Them In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 (All Gem Fragment Locations)

Shanta time

Fortnite's third chapter has begun and once again Character related quests are popping up in-game.

One of the first set of character quests you'll encounter are with Shanta, the first skin you unlock in the Premium Battle Pass.

These quests work rather unique, as players will need to complete them in a specific order to unlock other quests pertaining to the character.

As well, we've seen other ones for NPCs such as The Scientist and we're bound to see more as the season progresses.

Here's all the Shanta quests within Fortnite and how to complete them!

Shanta Quests Guide

Firstly, users will need to collect gem fragments around the map in various locations - in total there are three quests for this.

To make it easier to locate them all, here's a map with the locations of all gems from all three Quests.

Vault locations are in Red, Gas Station in Sky blue, Name Locations in Royal Blue, Crossroads in Yellow, Dirt Mounds in Green, Landmarks in Orange, Docks in Pink, Characters in Purple, Rivers in Gold and High in the Air in Brown.

Collect Gem Fragments Outside Seven Vaults Locations

  1. Head to the South-West of Greasy Grove, where an isolated building is and head downstairs into the vault.
  2. This is located south of Condo Canyon and East of Chonker's Speedway in an isolated building. Head downstairs into the vault.
  3. Go to the waters to the East of the Sanctuary. On the island closest to The Joneses is an isolated building. Head into the vault.
  4. There's a rebel camp in the North-East above The Daily Bugle, head to the building to the right of the Reboot van and downstairs to the vault.
  5. You'll want to head to the smaller part of the building that has an open top roof and head all the way down to the bottom floor.
  6. On a small hill there will be a building, go inside, turn right of the kitchen and downstairs to the vault.
  7. Head to the part of the building with the round roof and windmill, head down into the vault.

Collect Gem Fragments At Gas Stations Locations

  1. Head to the appropriate gas station and its located between the pumps
  2. Once at the Gas Station, go under the roof and the gem is between the gas pumps
  3. This one is located in the gated cage to the right of the gas station
  4. Go into the Workshop and up the stairs
  5. This is located between the two buildings in the back
  6. This one is located in the main store

Collect Gem Fragments At Named Locations

  1. Go to the main building in Camp Cuddle and head upstairs
  2. In between the piles of logs as you head to the lake
  3. Head to top left of Shifty Shafts, it's on the upper floor
  4. Locted on the road, between the three-way junction at Coney Crossroads
  5. On top of a rock in the North of Rocky Reels
  6. On top of the left building at Chonker's Speedway
  7. Along the bendy river at Condo Canyon is a large rock pillar, go to the top of it
  8. In the South of the Sanctuary is a water drainage area and the gem is located in the left one
  9. Outside Fish Sticks restaurant at Sleepy Sound

Collect Gem Fragments At Crossroads Locations

  1. Located in the crossroad between Logjam Lumberyard and Shifty Shafts
  2. Located in the crossroad between Camp Cuddle and Greasy Grove
  3. Located by the side of the road, outside a building, north-west of The Joneses
  4. Located by the side of the road, on a dirt track, in the south-east of The Joneses
  5. Located by the side of the road on the snow
  6. Located on the road just before the crossroad to Shifty Shafts and Coney Crossroads
  7. Located between the three way junction that heads to Chonker's Speedway, Greasy Grove and Rocky Reels
  8. Before the pyramid crossroads going to Rocky Reels and Coney Crossroads
  9. At the Crossroads North of the Daily Bugle going up a dirty track road and towards Sleepy Sound

Collect Gem Fragments Inside Dirt Mounds Locations

  1. To the North of Shifty Shafts is a mine, the mound is next to the train tracks
  2. Between Logjam Lumberyard and Camp Cuddle is a large mountain, on the west side of the mountain is a small area with a building and the mound is located under it
  3. As the road curves, off to the south there's a mound on the snow
  4. As the road curves, off to the north is a mound on the snow
  5. To the north-west of the Sanctuary is a pond, with the mound being located next to a tree that's by the edge of the water
  6. In the South-west is a building with the mound of dirt being located near some trees in the south-west corner with the picnic tables
  7. Located near Vault Gem #3, this mound is on the south beach
  8. Located on the beach where the land bends outwards

Collect Gem Fragments At Landmarks Locations

  1. At the ruins, this is on the bridge as you head to the top of the ruins
  2. Head to the building to the left of The Daily Bugle, on a side road, go to the front entrance and the gem is on the hedge
  3. Between the trees on the isolated island in the middle lake in the middle of the map
  4. There's a log building located to the south of the Camp Cuddle lake (Camp Cuddle is located on the lake's left). Go to the second highest level/platform and it's next to the telescope.
  5. On top of the zipline/powerline
  6. In between the ski-lifts, on the floor
  7. Approach the ruins from the south, go in the Ruins and it is floating in the air, which is level with the 1st floor.
  8. On top of a rock pillar
  9. Head to the small village and it's located between two big trees before you reach the buildings
  10. Go to the big water with the many individual small islands, go to the small island to the east (it's the top one, which is also the island from the opening cutscene for season 1) and it is next to the camp fire.

Collect Gem Fragments At Docks Locations

  1. Across the river from Named Locations #9 (Fish Sticks Restaurant in Sleepy Sound) it's located on the central dock
  2. Located at the docks on the disconnected land in the East of the island (parallel to the Daily Bugle)
  3. In the East, where the many islands are located in the ocean, there's one large island in the centre. Go to the docks in the south.
  4. From there, go to the island south-east of its location and to the dock in the north of this island
  5. Go south from Rocky Reels to the river bend and look out for the dock with the log cabin
  6. Go south of Shifty Shafts until you reach the lake and look for the green house, it's on the dock
  7. Go to the docks in the south of Logjam Lumberyard

Collect Gem Fragments Near Characters Locations

  1. Go to the same location as Vault gem #7 and it will be located outside between the two buildings
  2. Go to Crossroads gem #1 (the crossroad between Logjam Lumberyard and Shifty Shafts) and head north towards the small mountain. On the left of the mountain is a barn with the gem located on the outside.
  3. Go to Greasy Grove and into the store where you'll spot the gem on the bottom floor
  4. Where Gas Station Gem #6 is located, go south-west and you'll spot a ditch with some trees and its between the trees
  5. Locate the rock pillars in the south-east of Condo Canyon
  6. At the Joneses POI, there's a caravan with a gem located on the BBQ grill.
  7. In the north of the Sanctuary, go to the very top of the building and you'll find the gem
  8. Go to the islands in the water to the east of the island. Head to the big one in the centre and find the round building - the gem is located on top
  9. Go to the East entrance of the Daily Bugle and you'll find it on the street
  10. Look for the pink building at Coney Crossroads and head to the balcony on the first floor

Collect Gem Fragments On Rivers Using Vehicles Locations

  1. Go to the south-west river and head to the ocean, it's in the middle of the river
  2. Located in the three-way crossroad next to the log cabin
  3. Head to the looping river that branches off from the lake at Logjam Lumberyard in the north-west of the map and go under the bridge
  4. This is in the opposite looping river
  5. In the south-east river below Sleepy Sound
  6. In the river above Coney Crossroads
  7. In the river leading to the ocean with the many islands
  8. At the river crossroads in the desert on the way to Condo Canyon
  9. In the river to the south of Condo Canyon next to the bridge

Collect Gem Fragments On Rivers Using Vehicles Locations

  1. This is floating in the air, build upwards to get it
  2. Located in the air above the smaller building with the ziplines that crossover
  3. Find the small wooden building and build upwards
  4. Floating in the air above the toppled tree
  5. Located above the lake
  6. On the mound/hill, build up above the house
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