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Turtle BeachOctober 20, 2021

Far Cry 6: Mythical Animal Locations, Rewards And How To Get The Primal Set

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Far Cry 6 has certain collectibles over the map that you may be interested in finding and this one is a nice call-back to the Primal game a few years back.

There are five Mythical Animals around the game that you may want to venture off finding in your free time, which will rewards your with the Primal Set in Far Cry 6.

Here's where to find all Mythical Animals, how to kill them and what rewards you will get.

All Mythical Animal locations in Far Cry 6

These five animals can be hunted whenever you're ready to take in the challenge within Far Cry 6. Hunting down all of them will also complete the Ultimate Predator challenge, and one thing to keep in mind is that these animals are going to be a lot tougher than others.

We're going to run over all the Mythical Animals in Far Cry 6, along with where you'll be able to find them.

  • Mamutito
    • Location: Found in Prado Meadows of Vencejo on Isla Santurio. He tends to roams near a huge pit with other hogs at any time of day.
    • How to kill: Mamutito is very slow, so dodge its charges and use a good bow to take it down easily.
    • Rewards: Mamutito’s Tusks - these can be traded to get the Primal Mask.
  • Black and White Demoniacos
    • Location: These black and white wolves can be found in the Aguas Lindas portion of Madrugada, and will be located near the center of Ida's Refuge.
    • How to kill: Take out the weaker wolves to ease up the amount of damage and then go full throttle at the mythical animals. When they fall to the ground, continue to deal damage as they will regain HP.
    • Rewards: Two pelts - traded for the Primal Boots and Primal Bracers.
  • Venondiente
    • Location: Balaceras portion of Valle Do Oro sector, and will be noticeable near the South-West portion of this region.
    • How to kill: The easiest method is using a helicopter with a gun turret. Stay away from it as much as possible because the poison gas is an instant death.
    • Rewards: Venodiente Leather - traded for the Primal Vest.
  • Sanguinario
    • Location: Sierra Perdida region of El Este at night, and towards the bottom of Promised Peaks. If you don't see it, you're too early.
    • How to kill: This Jaguar doesn't do a lot of damage, but is fast, so can be quite tricky to lockdown. Hit it with throwables and shotguns to do mass damage when it's standing around.
    • Rewards: Pelt - traded for the Primal Pants.
Turtle Beach
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