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Turtle BeachDecember 23, 2021

How To Make It Night Time In Far Cry 6

Time Heist!

With Far Cry 6 now playable worldwide, you're going to want to get advantage of all factors when raiding a military base in the game. Waiting for nighttime may be the best route you're going to want to take, and we're going to run over how player's will be able to change the time.

Here's how to change it to night time in Far Cry 6.

How to change the time in Far Cry 6

Unlike traditional single player games, you won't be able to directly change the time of day through sleeping or fast-traveling to certain locations around the map.

Instead, Ubisoft has implemented a cycle that follows the actual in-game time, but it's condensed a bit, so the time changes more frequent. But, there isn't any ways the player will be able to change the time of day on their own.

Even if you try fast-travelling, reloading a checkpoint, trying to sleep or loading a new game file, the time will be unaffected.

Instead, you'll simply have to wait until it changes over, and this will take around 20 minutes of actual time until you notice the sun faling/rising.

If you want to do something at a certain time of the day, try tackling some side quests or completing other activities to pass the time.

Turtle Beach
Turtle Beach

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