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Turtle BeachSeptember 13, 2022

Diablo 3 Ramaladni's Gift: How To Find, Use and Farm

How rare is Ramaladni’s Gift? Arguably this is one of the rarest items in Diablo 3 and if you’re sitting them having ploughed hours into the game but never found one, then you’re probably not the first person.

But what makes this item so special, and how do you go about finding Ramaladni’s Gift in the game?

Read on for absolutely everything you need to know.

What Is Ramaladni’s Gift in Diablo 3

Ramaladni’s Gift is a Legendary consumable item that can only be used once. After it has been used the item is destroyed in the process mean players will need to earn another one. Additionally, each Ramaladni’s Gift is account-bound, meaning it cannot be traded to other players, but can be transferred among characters on the same account.

But what does Ramaladni’s Gift actually do? In short, it allows a character to add a socket to a weapon, assuming the weapon does not already have one.

How To Use Ramaladni’s Gift

To use Ramaladni’s Gift, players have to right-click on the item and then click on the weapon you want to apply it to.

Do note, if Ramaladni’s Gift is not working, make sure you’ve followed all the rules below:

  • Ramaladni’s Gift only works on weapons
  • Ramaladni’s Gift will work on enchanted weapons, so long as they don’t have a socket
  • Ramaladni’s Gift effectively adds an item affix in the form of a socket
  • The added socket provided by Ramaladni’s Gift cannot be enchanted.
  • You cannot use Ramaladni’s on a weapon more than once.
  • Similarly, you cannot use Ramaladni’s on a weapon that already has a socket.


How To Get Ramaladni’s Gift

Players can earn the Ramaladni’s Gift item from Torment difficulty worlds.

Do note it is a random drop item and if you’re having difficulty finding the item, it is worth stating that drop-rates have not changed all that much.

It’s just a difficult item to earn, especially given the seemingly low RNG.

How to Farm Ramaladni’s Gift in Diablo 3?

With great difficulty.

As explained, Ramaladni’s Gift is a random drop, with lowish rates, which makes farming the item very difficult.

The best thing players can do is find a Greater Rift level that you can run on max level but complete within 2 to 3 minutes. That will give players roughly 10-20 Greater Rifts per hour and plenty more opportunities for Ramaladni’s Gift to drop.

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