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Turtle BeachSeptember 16, 2021

Deathloop: How To Turn Off Multiplayer


Arkane Studios' Deathloop introduces a unique concept to its predominantly single player game.

While the focus is mainly on you exploring this single-player narrative, there is an interesting mulitplayer portion to the game.

By now, if you've played the game you'll be well aware who Julianna is and have possibly met your demise at her hands.

And while you can play against the AI, there also players online playing as Julianna.

Here's how to turn off multiplayer in Deathloop.

How To Turn Off Multplayer In Deathloop

The multipalyer portion of Deathloop is an interesting aspect as it allows players to join your game and vice versa as Julianna. It's a great way to enjoy the game after you've finished it up and earn new outfits/cosmetics.

How To Play Multiplayer

To access Multiplayer, you simply need to play either 'Break the Loop' or 'Protect the Loop' from the Start Menu and have online functionality enabled. Breaking the Loop you will play as Colt and progress through the campaign with players taking up the mantle as Julianna. If you Protect the Loop, you will play as Julianna and enter games where players are playing the campaign as Colt.

How To Turn Off Multiplayer In Deathloop

When on the main menu of the campaign, in the top left you'll notice a bar with your screen name and Colt on it. Underneath will detail your online preferences.

Simply click it until it says 'Single Player Mode'.

How To Play With Friends

This follows the same concept, but set it to 'Friends only Mode'.

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