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Turtle BeachJune 30, 2022

Dead By Daylight Anniversary 2022: Event Start Time, Release Date, Leaks, and What To Expect


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 June 30, 2022


The Dead By Daylight Anniversary event ends TODAY (June 30) at 11AM ET/6PM BST.

The Dead by Daylight Anniversary comes but once a year, but when it does you can be sure of a celebration with Behaviour Interactive’s popular asymmetric survival horror. Last year, the developers went big as the game popped the champaign on 5 years of glorious gory content, and we suspect that they won’t want to let up in 2022, bringing back more content and celebratory festivities for a truly stacked event. If you’re keen to know more about what the developers should have in store for fans, read on for everything you need to know!

Latest News

Just below you’ll find all the latest news and leaks regarding the Dead By Daylight Anniversary Event for 2022.



June 13 - Anniversary starts later this week
June 8 - Anniversary Event Twisted Masquerade masks leaked
June 7 - Anniversary Event new items/offerings leaked
June 7 - Anniversary Event start screen leaked
May 18 - DBD Anniversary Recap
May 17 - DBD Anniversary Livestream
May 16 -
May 12 -
May 3 -


When is the Dead By Daylight Anniversary in 2022?

Confirmed: The Dead By Daylight 6th Anniversary release date has been confirmed to start on June 7th June 16. (Apologies we're stupid, we previously had the start date listed as June 7th but this is of course the start date for Chapter 24: Roots of Dread withe the devs allowing themselves a period of grace before the "Twisted Masquerade" Anniversary celebrations begin on 16th June at 11AM ET/6PM BST)

The initial Dead By Daylight release date was June 13, 2016, so it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to learn that Behaviour Interactive holds its annual Anniversary event around the same time each year. As the game has gained more popularity over time these events have got bigger, and lasted longer with every passing year. As you can see on the table below, you can guarantee the Dead By Daylight Anniversary starts in June.

Depending on how early Behaviour Interactive decided to start their festivities this year, we imagine players can be assured the event will start on a Tuesday, which means it should start on either June 14, June 21, or June 28. For the time being no release date has been confirmed, but as soon as the developer drops some sort of clue we’ll be sure to update this page.

Start Date End Date
1 Year Anniversary June 14, 2017 June 20, 2017
2 Year Anniversary
June 14, 2018 July 9, 2018
3 Year Anniversary
June 18, 2019 July 2, 2019
4 Year Anniversary
June 23, 2020 July 14, 2020
5 Year Anniversary
June 30, 2021 July 15, 2021 (extended to July 22)

What to expect from the Dead By Daylight Anniversary?

Confirmed: The below features are confirmed to arrive with the Anniversary event for 2022 known as 'The Twisted Masquerade'.

• The usual hooks, lockers, fire barrels, and generators will be decorated festively.
• The pedastal gameplay mechanic returns, however you are not collecting crowns. Instead, you'll be collecting invitations to 'The Twisted Masquerade', which will unlock 1 of 12 possible cosmetics randomly.
• There are 12 cosmetics available to collect - 6 for killer, and 6 for survivor - with each character representing an original release from one of the years of Dead By Daylight. 
• Killer Cosmetics: Artist, Deathslinger, Huntress, Spirit, Trapper, Trickster
• Survivor Cosmetics: Ace, Elodie, Dwight, Jane, Zarina, Yui
• Similar to the Midnight Grove Halloween event from last year, the Twisted Masquerade will also include an Event-exclusive Tome.
• Community challenges return.
• Loading screens with developer comments are returning.
• Daily Discounted Shrine of Secrets returns. Perks will rotate daily instead of weekly, and will cost 25% fewer shards to purchase.
• There will be a Bloodhunt weekend, as well as log-in rewards of Rift Fragments, Iridescent Shards, and Bloodpoints.

Featuring 12 new cosmetics, you’ll collect different, unique masks designed around a particular character. An event Tome will also be available, providing more insight into the Masquerade, and some extra special Charms will also be up for collection

Players can likely expect some of the staple features, such as re-enabled anniversary items like hooks, generators, lockers, flashlights, med-kits, and sacrificial cakes. Beyond this, we think the developers will probably hold another blood hunt of some variety, giving players a means to earn plenty more bloodpoints and iridescent shards for simply logging in during the event.

There’s also the Anniversary Crowns, which we suspect will return also. For those who don’t know, the Anniversary Crowns were effectively a type of in-game mechanic, which had the potential to allow for winnable cosmetics. These were also tracked across the entire community, and fans had shared goals to achieve to unlock exclusive charms and cosmetics, including outfits for David King and The Wraith. It doesn’t seem too unrealistic to expect a new set of rewards on offer this year.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Dead By Daylight Shrine of Secrets was also on a daily rotation, meaning players had numerous opportunities to buy some of the game’s best perks at even cheaper prices.

Take a look at the new Dead By Daylight 6th Anniversary trailer, just below:


That’s everything you need to know about the Dead By Daylight Anniversary event. However, if you’re looking for more Dead By Daylight guides then follow the links below for more helpful tips, tricks and explainers.

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