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Turtle BeachSeptember 9, 2021

Warzone 'The King' Red Door Easter Egg Guide

The King of Kings

Season 5 Reloaded has arrived and appears to have brought a new Easter Egg or quest into the mix.

This Easter Egg known as 'The King' will grant players that complete it a new Calling Card and $5,000 in-game.

Here's how to complete it!

How To Complete The King Easter Egg

Find A Red Door

Find yourself a red door and travel through it so that you enter a room on the other side. Best thing to do is to find the 'Adler' door, which has no lightining coming out of it.
If you get thrown into the air, it means someone else is also in that section and you need to try again.
When on the other side, open the loot crates and find 'The King' blueprint for the Cane.

Go To The Graveyard

Take the Cane to the Graveyard, which is near the Superstore.

Look for the Queen graves and find one that has a prompt on it - the prompt will say '???'.

Interact with it and the challenge will be complete!

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Turtle Beach
Turtle Beach

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