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Turtle BeachDecember 15, 2021

Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific Caldera Map Guide


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Get to know Caldera

Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific Caldera Map Guide


December 15, 2021

Warzone Pacific is a promising new chapter in Call of Duty’s battle royale ventures, marking the launch of Caldera. The new map offers intriguing areas to explore within an idyllic paradise, and there is plenty to learn about Warzone’s major overhaul. So grab your best soldiers and drop into our useful Caldera guide for Warzone Pacific. 

How To Play Warzone Pacific

cod warzone caldera guide

Caldera has many new regions to explore.

With Verdansk completely out of the picture, Caldera’s vibrant setting is now the home of Warzone. Operating as a classic battle royale experience — for now at least — Caldera’s main playlist is the heart of Warzone Pacific. We’ll get into the new features, but for all intents and purposes, Caldera is your new go-to place for core Warzone engagements. However, if you’re eager to hold onto some of that Warzone nostalgia, then Rebirth Island is back on the menu as well.

At the time of writing, here is what you can get stuck into: 

  • Vanguard Royale
    • Solos
    • Duos
    • Trios
    • Quads
  • Vanguard Resurgence
    • Quads
  • Battle Royale
    • Quads
  • Plunder
    • Trios

New Features: Cash Injection, Top Secret Contracts, Supply Box

cod warzone caldera guide

New contracts offer powerful rewards for those who can complete them.

Cash Injection

Every Warzone player has found themselves in desperation situations, trying to generate more cash for a much-needed revive or loadout drop. Thankfully, Caldera has brought the goods when it comes to getting a Cash Injection. At the start of each game, you’ll have the chance to chase down 8-10 cash drops within the map. But be warned, everyone is on the hunt for those stacks of cash. 

Top Secret Contracts and Big Game Bounties

If you were brutally sent to the gulag early or had to evade danger, don’t worry — there are other ways to get your cash flow rising. Top Secret Contracts and Big Game Bounties are an immensely useful way to gain cash, but you’ll have to sweat out the competition if you want to survive. Top Secret Contracts will generate random tasks for players to complete, while Big Game Bounties appear much later into the match. These pickups will set their sights on the highest performing player, offering incredible rewards to whoever takes them down. 

COD Warzone caldera guide

Big Game Bounties are a fast route to making big money, but you’ll need to fight to claim them.

Heavy Weapon Drops

Heavy Weapon Drops are another starter event, but these appear far less often than some of Caldera’s counterparts. Similar to the Juggernaut drop in Verdansk, this event will have players scrambling to acquire devastating weapons at the start of the match. These drops take a while to crack, too, meaning you’ll likely be taken out if you’re alone or ill-prepared. 

Supply Box

In a Fortnite-style manner, the Supply Box contract will spawn in a high-value drop zone. Get over to it before the timer runs out and reap the rewards of powerful weapons and the potential of gaining the coveted Specialist perk. 

Another feature shaking up the battlegrounds is the implementation of the Loot Refresh. Say you’re dropping back in from the gulag in the endgame of a match, you’re definitely going to need some decent equipment. Luckily, every box on the map will be refreshed with gear to ensure everyone has an equal chance of survival.

It’s a Bird… It’s a Plane! 

cod warzone caldera guide

Planes in Call of Duty multiplayer? You’d better believe it.

Warzone has always had a decent array of vehicles to choose from, with the Helicopter acting as a fan favorite for traversal and even killing other players. Now, the fights in the sky are even better, as planes are in Warzone. Look, they aren’t on the same tier as Battlefield dogfights, but their novelty is a worthy addition to the new experience. Getting your squad into the anti-air guns is a blast, while also acting as a nifty way to become accustomed to the lay of the land. 

New areas, new dangers

Caldera is a beast of a map when it comes to new areas, and there are many to get acquainted with. It’ll take a fair bit of time to find those sweet spots for dropping into, but here are some of the key areas in Caldera to find:

  • Arsenal
  • Docks
  • Runway
  • Ruins
  • Mines
  • Peak
  • Beachhead
  • Village
  • Lagoon
  • Airfield
  • Fields
  • Sub Pen
  • Power Plant
  • Capital
  • Resort

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Racing to kill all your targets can take some serious work.  The right choice of a firearm can make all the difference between a final winning flourish or ending up face down on the streets of Updaam.

Sam Comrie is a journalist and filmmaker based in Sheffield, UK. When he isn’t causing chaos in Just Cause 2, you can find him listening to Foo Fighters on repeat 24/7. Seen at NME, Red Bull Gaming, From Gamers Magazine, and JumpCut PLAY.

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