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Turtle BeachSeptember 6, 2022

Bioshock 4: Release Date, Leaks, Developers, Antarctica, Story, and Everything You Need To Know

Shocking News

Gamers probably remember a time when Bioshock was the hottest release every so often, as the trilogy of games capitavated fans all around the world thanks to their stories.

Now, it's been over eight years since the last title released in Bioshock Infinite, and now, we finally have some more news regarding a fourth title.

Here's what we know so far.

Bioshock 4 2022 release date leaked

This really isn't new information pertaining to the release of Bioshock 4, as we've been hearing some rumors for quite some time now that Bioshock 4 will get announced and released sometime in the near future.

One leaker, OopsLeaks noted a bunch of new information over on Twitter, and noted that we shouldn't expect the game to release until at least 2024.

This comes with a bit of a delay, as earlier rumors were suggesting a 2022/2023 release date, but due to some development issues with the studio involved, this isn't possible no more.

In terms of an announcement, OopsLeaks noted we could see it as early as this year.

What Else Do We Know?

OopsLeaks went on quite the field day when it comes to revealing information around the game, and we're going to note down the biggest points that they made below.

  • Bioshock 4 wll be based in Antarctica
  • Open world with multiple endings
  • Artstyle similar to Deathloop
  • Combat style will focus on numerous utilites and combos of abilities
  • Two major cities
    • Borealis and Aurora

A recent job listing at Cloud Chamber games, the developers for this new Bioshock, could suggest that the team is developing the game using Unreal Engine 5. This ad for a Senior Gameplay Programmer requests that the candidate will “work within Unreal Engine 5 adapting existing systems and building new technology in order to fulfil the project’s technical needs and creative goals."

Another major aspect of Bioshock 4 was revealed over the backhalf of Novembre 2021, as OopsLeaks has noted that the title is going to be called Bioshock Isolation and will be revealed in the first quarter of 2021!

Following up on this leak, Isolation may be first revealed during The Game Awards 2021, as Gamology noted that sources indicate this is going to be one of the world premiers.

Turtle Beach
Turtle Beach

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