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Turtle BeachJune 27, 2022

Best Defenders To Use In Rainbow Six Siege 2022

Best of the Best

Rainbow Six Siege has soared since it was released nearly seven years ago, and we're quickly coming up on the seventh year anniversary of the game.

With a bucket load of Operators in the game now, it can be troubling to master all of them.

This is why players should pick and choose certain ones they want to hone their skills with, and espicially on the attacking side.

Here's the best Defenders to use in Siege!

Best Defenders in Rainbow Six Siege

As of now, theres currently an ample amount of Defenders within the game, and they're essentially split up into multiple roles.

First, we have generic site holders, these include ones that'll deflect certain grenades and make it harder for enemies to reach the site.

Next, we have charcters who are best suited for roaming around the map away from site, as they have the top tier of speed.

Last but not least, we have healers, characters that are going to give your team some additional health!

We're going to run over some of the best Operators in the game and a quick overview of what they do and why they are highly considered one of the best Operators within the game.


  • Both of these Operators do the same mechanic, but do it somewhat differntly. Kaid and Bandit electrify walls, and will be essential for securing certain spots on the site.


  • One of the most banned Operators this season, mainly due to the fact that Mira can place mirros on reinforced walls. Allowing players to use soft walls next to them to get easy kills.


  • Valk has widley been considered one of the best Operators within the game, thanks to her three additional cameras she can place anywhere on the map.


  • The best healer within the game, Thunderbird can place healing drones around the site, which give her allys additional health every so often.


  • Jager's ability is essential, as it'll cancel out any incoming grenades and other throwables onto the site. Combine this with a Kaid wall, and there's essentially no way players can breach this wall!

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