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Turtle BeachDecember 3, 2021

How To Fix Horizontal Aim Bug in Battlefield 2042

Bugs Galore

Battlefield 2042 has finally hit players game libaries all around the world, and since it's been the first Battlefield to release in over three year's, players expectations were high.

While most of these expectations haven't been met thus far. this isn't to say that players haven't been enjoying themselves within the server!

However, with the new update, 0.3.0, that was released yesterday, players have run into a bug that doesn't allow them to look side to side.

Here's how you'll be able to fix it!

How To Fix Horizontal Aim Bug

This bug functions as the name suggests, as players will only be able to look up and down when moving and not side to side.

It only appears to be affecting players while they're on the ground, and not in tanks or helicopterss.

EA Dice have taken note of this pesky bug and players all over Reddit have posted their solutions to it.

The best fix we have as of now is to try the following.

Restore default settings by removing "PROFSAVE" files in My Documents > Battlefield 2042 > Settings to keep playing

This was posted by EA over on Twitter, and if you're going to use this method then we must warn you that it'll reset all your settings.

Turtle Beach
Turtle Beach

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