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Turtle BeachApril 1, 2022

ARK Eggcellent Adventure (2022): Release Date, Start Time, New Skins, and More


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ARK Eggcellent Adventure (2022): Release Date, Start Time, New Skins, and More


April 1, 2022

April 1 Update: The ARK Devs have confirmed the return of Eggcellent Adventure, which returns on Monday, April 11th until Monday, April 25th.

Some parts of the ARK Eggcellent Adventure can be manually activated with the server console parameter all year round, but the proper event comes around only once a year. Pretty soon players will need to be once more on the lookout for wild Bunny Dodo’s and Bunny Oviraptor’s to gather Bunny Eggs for some eggcellent loot. Or alternatively, place down Bunny Eggs to paint on them, or use them in a Crafting Pot to craft special holiday-themed cosmetics. Whatever you decide to do, the annual ARK Easter event is set to return very soon. So, when does the next ARK Eggcellent Adventure event start in 2022? Here’s everything you need to know.

When Does The ARK Eggcellent Adventure Event Start?

CONFIRMED: ARK Eggcellent Adventure 7 starts Monday, April 11th and ends Monday, April 25th.

ARK Survival Evolved usually releases the Eggcellent Adventure event at (roughly) the same time each year, which makes it easier to work out when the event could start in 2022. If you take a look at the table below to see the dates for when the event has previously started and ended in the past. As you can see, the Eggcellent Adventure event has traditionally started in the final week of March or early April – with the event normally starting on a Tuesday. This all sort of depends on when Easter occurs each year (it’s never the same dates). In 2022, Easter is on Sunday 17 April. With all this information at our disposal, we suspect that the ARK Eggcellent Adventure event will start on April 5, 2022. As for a start time, these events normally have a start time of 1 PM PST / 9 PM GMT.

For now, this hasn’t been confirmed as official by Studio Wildcard, so take this prediction with a pinch of salt for the time being.

ARK: Eggcellent Adventure 1 March 25th, 2016 March 31st, 2016
ARK: Eggcellent Adventure 2 April 15th, 2017 for PC
April 26th, 2017 for Xbox & PS4
April 22nd, 2017 for PC
May 3rd, 2017 for Xbox & PS4
ARK: Eggcellent Adventure 3 March 29th, 2018 April 10th, 2018
ARK: Eggcellent Adventure 4 April 16th, 2019 April 30th, 2019
ARK: Eggcellent Adventure 5 April 7th, 2020 April 21st, 2020
ARK: Eggcellent Adventure 6 March 31st, 2021 April 14th, 2021

ARK Eggscellent Event 2021

ARK Eggcellent Adventure Skins, Chibis & More

Update: We've updated the below lists to include all Event Skins, Items, Emotes and Chibi's available in 2022

At the time of writing, we don’t know what new content will be obtainable in ARK Eggcellent Adventure 7. However, as with every ARK event, we normally see past event items (skins, emotes, and chibi’s) available once again. Typically new content comes in the form of new skins and Chibi pets. To give you a sense of what to expect, here’s a look at the content which was available to players in 2021:

Event Skins

  • Full-Body Easter Bunny Costume *NEW*
  • Bunny Tail
  • Procoptodon Bunny Costume
  • Bunny Ears Skin
  • Dino Bunny Ears Skin
  • Easter Chick Hat Skin
  • Dino Easter Chick Hat Skin
  • Easter Egg Hat Skin
  • Dino Easter Egg Hat Skin
  • Marshmallow Hat Skin
  • Dino Marshmallow Hat Skin
  • E4 Remote Eggsplosives Skin
  • Easter Egghead Skin
  • Chocolate Rabbit Club Skin
  • Sweet Spear Carrot Skin

ARK Easter Event

Event Items

  • Bunny Egg
  • Festive Dino Candy


  • Tail Wiggle Emote
  • Bunny Hop Dance Emote


  • Dilophosaur *NEW*
  • Purlovia *NEW*
  • Queen Bee *NEW*
  • Microraptor *NEW*
  • Spring Shinehorn  *NEW*

ARK Eggscellent Event

ARK Eggcellent Adventure Boosted Rates

As with each year, you can expect to see boosted rates for various in-game mechanics like taming, breeding, harvesting, and more. Below you’ll find the various rates available in 2022:

  • Official Servers: 3x XP, Harvesting, Taming, and Breeding (imprint, maturation, hatch/gestation), 0.5x Mating Interval, 1.5x Hexagon Bonus
  • Small Tribe Servers: 4.5x XP, 4.5x Harvesting, 4.5x Taming, and 4x Breeding (imprint, maturation, hatch/gestation), 0.5x Mating Interval, 1.5x Hexagon Bonus
  • ARKPocalypse: 5x XP, 5x Harvesting, 5x Taming, and 5x Breeding (imprint, maturation, hatch/gestation), 0.5x Mating Interval, 1.5x Hexagon Bonus
  • Classic: 6x XP, 6x Harvesting, 6x Taming, and 5x Breeding (imprint, maturation, hatch/gestation), 0.5x Mating Interval

That’s everything you need to know about the ARK Eggcellent Adventure event for 2022, but make sure to check back for more info as it becomes available.



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