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Turtle BeachNovember 4, 2021

Storm Point Map Guide For Apex Legends

Into the eye of the storm

Season 11 of Apex Legends brings a brand new map to the mix in the form of Storm Point. The tropical map has been speculated about for a long time and is arriving with some surprising environmental factors at play - including wildlife!

Here's what you need to know about the new Storm Point map and how to play it.

The Map

The latest map added to Apex Legends looks like an island paradise but is anything but. Storm Point is an island set in the oceans of Gaea. The map looks like a cross between a deserted island and the more tech-heavy parts of Kings Canyon. There are currently 17 named locations on the map, with plenty of smaller camps positioned around them. Players can use gravity cannons (which have replaced balloons on this map) to get around quickly.

What makes Storm Point stand out amongst its peers is not just its scenery, but also its wildlife. Unlike other maps, Storm Point has actual animals roaming around it, waiting to take a bite out of you. There are currently three types of animals on Storm Point, with each having its own unique territory:

  • Prowlers: Half-lizard, half-direwolf creatures that come in a variety of colors and bite strengths. Attacking one will alert its pack and cause more to spawn out of their prowler dens.
      • Downing prowlers will give your team ammo and attachments based on your loadout.
  • Spiders: These spawn from eggs scattered across the map, especially in indoor and cave-like areas. Damaging these eggs causes them to hatch, creating a swarm for players to either fight off or run away from.
      • Downing spiders will give your team ammo and attachments based on your loadout.
  • Flyers: These airborne pests have a list of predetermined spawning locations that’ll be randomly chosen from at the start of the map. They’re easy to spot as they look like four-winged dragons.

Each new enemy type can be a challenge to take on solo, but is handled comfortably when in a group. Prowlers in particular are a bit tougher than the other two. Try to avoid Prowler dens in general and be cautious around Spider eggs unless you’re going for loot. Clearing out a wildlife nest will earn you crafting materials as well as EVO Armor.

Best Landing Spots

Storm Point has plenty of places to land, but not every one of them is worth it. Here are the best spots to start off a round:

  • Command Center: The Command Center features loads of high-level loot, and is easily accessible. Because of both of these things, expect a bit of a fight if you decide to land here.
  • Checkpoint: Checkpoint reliably offers wildlife encounters for you to earn attachments and crafting materials from.
  • Barometer: Barometer is one of the larger drop locations on the map, and is surrounded on all sides by water. This can make it great for defending but also tough to retreat from. At the same time, its size and high level loot will make it a prime target for multiple squads.

If you notice that a lot of other groups are heading your desired landing spots, check your map quickly for its immediate outskirts. Respawn has littered this map with small camps nearby larger landing areas just for these occasions, and has stocked them with decent loot to boot.

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