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Turtle BeachFebruary 11, 2022

Apex Legends: Mad Maggie Tips And Tricks To Dominate The Arena


Apex Legends is deploying a brand new era, and a new season also means a fresh Legend to do battle with. New Legend Mad Maggie has finally arrived, and she’s eager to destroy anyone standing against her in the arena. Armed with some of the nastiest abilities we’ve seen yet in Respawn’s battle royale, this Legend is one you’ll quickly want to get acquainted with. Here’s everything you need to know about mastering Mad Maggie.

Armed To The Teeth

Mad Maggie is already one of Apex Legends’ most formidable characters. Accompanying her short temper is an arsenal of bombastic abilities that will leave rivals shaking in their boots. This Legend is all about pushing your enemies and keeping an aggressive playstyle front and center. These are the abilities you’ll be causing havoc with:

  • Tactical Ability – Riot Drill: Fire a drill that burns through obstacles
  • Passive Ability – Warlord’s Ire: Temporarily highlight enemies you damage, and move faster with a shotgun
  • Ultimate Ability – Wrecking Ball: Throw a ball that drops speed-boosting pads and detonates near enemies

Riot Drill is astoundingly difficult for defensive Legends to counter, and can catch out anyone trying to hide in cover while healing. It’s so powerful, in fact, that this ability marks the first time that a tactical can breach Gibraltar’s bubble. Doing up to 160 damage for around 10 seconds, Riot Drill doesn’t give players a chance to relax. It’ll take 22 seconds for this ability to charge back up, but you’ll have laid waste to your rivals by then.

Warlord’s Ire makes Mad Maggie an appealing pick for players who already prefer Legends like Seer, as this passive will highlight enemies you’ve hit. This will give you a moment to refocus your attack and pincer your opponents.

Wrecking Ball may not do a lot of damage initially — it only causes 20 damage with the ball itself — but the following explosion triggers a concussion style effect worth using. Not only stunning your enemies, this ability will also create a blue zig-zag pattern on the ground. These lines can be used as a speed-boosting path for you and your squad.

A Natural Nemesis

So far, Wattson seems to be the only Legend that can disrupt Mad Maggie’s reign. Thanks to her ultimate ability, Wattson can send your match south with pylons if you don’t react accordingly. Your Wrecking Ball and Riot Drill will be virtually useless against Wattson’s ultimate, so don’t bother wasting them here

If you see a pylon, make sure you or your teammates deal with it as soon as possible. Alternatively, if you can see one through a wall with the Riot Drill ability, take it down before you rush the enemy squad.

Versatility Is The Name Of The Game

One of the best parts of Mad Maggie’s arrival isn’t just her abilities, but how viable she is alongside other Legends. If you’re a fan of Legends like Seer or Bloodhound, then the Warlord’s Ire passive ability is an attractive alternative.

Pairing her with Banglore can lead to some interesting fights, as Bangalore’s smoke will shroud the field, while Mad Maggie’s passive can highlight them with a few small hits. This kind of coordination could definitely upset your enemies and send them on their way back to the lobby.

With the route Apex’s meta is taking, it’s looking like every team will eventually use Rampart. If that proves to be the case, make sure to use Rampart’s protective walls to fire off Mad Maggie’s Riot Drill from the safety of cover.

I’m Calling Shotgun

Another element to consider with Mad Maggie is her passive speed boost while using a shotgun. Her ferocious pace makes her hard to track in close-quarters fights. Bear in mind that you’ll only be granted the boost when wielding a shotgun, however, not just slotting it in as your secondary.

Make sure that you find a Peacekeeper, Mastiff, Eva-8, or a Mozambique when you land. The latter can be supremely powerful with the Hammerpoints hopup, which will grant a 35% increase in damage.

Article author: Sam Comrie is a journalist and filmmaker based in Sheffield, UK. When he isn't causing chaos in Just Cause 2, you can find him listening to Foo Fighters on repeat 24/7. Seen at NME, Red Bull Gaming, From Gamers Magazine, and JumpCut PLAY.

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